Your Summer Garden!

Your Summer Garden!

In general, there are two kinds of yards: you have your gardens, and you have your perfectly landscaped, yet welcoming yards. Which one do you prefer? Which yard would you like to create? Today, we’re going to chat about the garden yards and growing your own food, but stay tuned for our post about a manicured, yet welcoming front yard!

Summer Garden

Green BeansGreen or String Beans? Dry, Lima, and Soy Beans? 

Plant: Mid-to-late spring/summer 
Pick: About two months after planting

Loose, moist soil with full sun and regular water. 

BlueberriesBlue berries

Plant: Early spring in cold weather climates. Fall through early spring in warm-winter climates.
Pick: One year is usually when berries turn their appropriate color and are sweet to taste.

Blueberries are perennials so they’ll be coming back every year. Full sun and regular 1-2 inches of water per week. Strip bushes of all berries the first year so that the plant can grow.  


Plant: Two weeks after the last frost 
Pick: 50-100 days, when corn silks turn brown.

Rich, moist soil with full sun for most of the day. Plant in blocks or hills.


Plant: After the last frost 
Pick:  50-80 days when the cucumbers are a good size.

Plant in full sun and soil that is consistently moist. Again, plant in hills alongside growth supports. Fertilize when you can see growths out of the soil, and then again in another month.


Plant: In cold-winter climates, 3- 4 weeks before the last frost. In warm-winter climates, winter and early spring. Plant in the ground, or in a hanging basket. 
Pick: Berries have turned bright red but are not mushy soft yet.

Full sun, but some varieties do well in partial shade. Well-drained soil that’s acidic to neutral, with some fertilizer at planting time. Regular water needed. Check with experts about how to keep diseases and pests away from your strawberries!


Plant: Soil temperature should be 55-60 degrees FahrenheitSunflowers

Pick: 70-90 days when seeds are hard and flower backs are brown.

Full sun at least six hours a day, in a non-windy spot, and in good soil. Regular water with stakes supporting the taller plants.


Plant: Once danger of frost is past
Pick: 50-90 days Tomatoes

Neutral to just slightly acidic soil and full sun all day. Give plants a good soaking watering but let them dry out between in each watering. Ask experts about how to prevent diseases from destroying your tomatoes.






Plant: Generally, two weeks after the last frost and the soil is WARM. 75 degrees warm. Watermelons
Pick: 70-95 days when you it can produce a nice hollow sound when tapping it.

Watermelons love heat so a spot in full sun with rich, moist soil is best. As watermelons grow, slide a piece of wood or foam underneath it to prevent some bugs and diseases from infiltrating it.

What are you planting in your garden? Or do you prefer another type of yard and would rather leave the gardening to someone else?

Let us know in the comments below!


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