Your January To-Do List

Your January To-Do List

The new year starts now! Actually, it started four days ago but the first week is all about training yourself to not write 2016 anymore. The rest of your January 2017 to-do list begins now!Healthy Eating

  • Create a healthy kitchen that will help create a healthy you.  If this is an aspect of your life that may need a little nudge, start in the kitchen. Make a statement display of vegetable and fruits so that they’re the first thing you grab when you’re hungry, and pitch the items that aren’t doing your body any good. 


  • Okay, time to pack away the holidays. Carefully package and store ornaments and decorations, vacuum all remnants of tinsel, glitter that falls out of holiday cards, outdoors lights to keep them from becoming damaged or tangled, and sprigs of pine tree. Find places for gifts and start a pile of items that you want to give away.


  • Pick up and display objects that make you feel good like a bouquet of flowers or a candle of your favorite scent. Make sure you look at/smell these things often when you need a pick me up.



  • Simple and easy. Check every single smoke and carbon monoxide detector in your home to make sure they are working and replace batteries in the ones that are on their last legs.


  • Give your command center a reboot. Start fresh in the most cluttered place in your home: the entryway to your home. Start an organized system for your shoes, bags, and anything else you drop or leave on the floor as soon as you walk through the door. Then, if you feel the need for more organization, hang up a bulletin or chalkboard for family memos.


  • It’s not too early to plan your garden for the warm weather even if it’s just making a list of every kind of food and flower that you want to grow. Start collecting seed packets, and pick up any garden accessories that will make the garden look cute above the ground, too. It’s not too early to start planning, (and saving!) for any indoor home renovation, too.


  • Protect the bones of your home from the (bone)-chilling winter weather. This includes preventing the pipes from freezing by leaving the thermostat turned up to keep the house from freezing, especially if you’re not home. It may be tempting to try and save some money but it’s much more expensive to replace burst pipes and to fix flooding. Also, check the exterior of your home after a winter storm to immediately spot any damage done by snow, ice, or fallen trees. 


Bird Feeder

  • Something that not many people think about, but will give you some good karma for the upcoming year is to feed the birds that stick around for the winter months. Keep out bird feeders fully stocked and put out a little water on the regular especially if it’s cold enough to freeze.


  • And don’t forget to rest enough, relax enough, and enjoy everything and everyone that you enjoy. The simplest pleasures are often the most enjoyable so play a couple of board games with your family, stay in pajamas all day, and drink a lot of hot beverages, especially if they contain chocolate.