Your Home Office: More Than An Office Space

Your Home Office: More Than An Office Space

We love talking about renovating or redecorating home offices because it’s the dream to work from home in pajamas while skipping the traffic jam at 7:30 in the morning. But even if you do go to an office all day, the extra space of a home office is a bonus room that you can make much more YOU than your cubicle walls. Here are some of our decorating tips for a home office, whether you’re using it full-time, part-time, or just as a place to get away:

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Multipurpose room: If you’re a part-time home office user, choose a desk that can also double as something else. A sewing or craft station? A vanity/dressing table?

Lots’o’Storage: Paper, bills, and random bits of stationary tend to accumulate and pile up fast in an home office. Make sure you have plenty of storage, like shelves, cabinets, pen and pencil holders, and even a cool vintage filing cabinet. Or a new one that was made to look vintage.

Bedroom/Office, Kitchen/Office: You can fit a desk in anywhere. If you have a little extra room next to your bed, you will have an approximately one second commute to work. Or if the bar counter in your kitchen will act as a desk, you’ll definitely have easy access to the coffee all day long. Just remember, when combining two living spaces, keeping clutter to a minimum is a must. Purchase some unique hanging shelves that will keep clutter off the desk and keep style at a maximum level.

Placement is Important: Desks next to a window expose us to natural bright light and in turn boosts moods and productivity levels.

If you’re looking to fit two desks into a room, think about having them face each other. It creates symmetry and you can also place shelves around the desks for a built-in look. Get some tall, freestanding shelves to create height, and then install other shelves on the wall around the standing shelves. It creates the built-in look without having built-ins installed.

Paint and Color is Important, Too: Try a bold shade of color on the wall to get the creatives juices flowing. Blues and reds are thought to be great for enhancing creativity, and memorization, respectively.

When thinking of color for the wall, test it out first. Paint sample areas, one sample in the direct sunlight, and another in a spot that is more shadowy. Hanging Photos

Personalize It!: After all, this room is still part of your home, even if you tend to work there more than anything else. Display photos of the things, people, and animals you love, as well as books, and memorabilia. Hang photography of places that you have been, or places you would like to go. And don’t forget to hang a clock so you can maintain work-life balance. 

Have you had success with a home office? How do you decorate it to distinguish it from the rest of the house but still make it feel like home?


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