Your First Home: Where to Start?

Whether you have just purchased your own home, or moved in with a roommate to your first apartment, it’s time to go shopping! There’s obviously the basics that can’t be ignored, but there’s a way to inject your personality and get everything that you need without spending too much money or creating clutter.  

The Bedroom

Go with a transitional style of bedroom set so it never goes out of style and you can keep decorating around it in different styles.

Tamblin Bedroom SetLove it: Natural color bedding is great for the same exact reason. It’s easy to match up and mix with other colored sheets and multiple seasonal comforters. If you are very picky about your sleep, now is the time to splurge on an awesomely comfortable mattress, and pillows.
Lose it:Unless you want your bedroom to look put together all the time, you don’t need the mountains of bed throw pillows…at least not yet.

The Bathroom(s)


Love it: Towels, obviously. But not too many especially if they’re just for yourself to use, or you have a small family. Purchase just a couple of sets, and make sure you have a nice, extra set of towels if you’re expecting company at any time.
Lose it: Instead of getting those fresh white towels you’ve been eyeing, go with a more forgiving colors like a chic and sophisticated gray. White will start to look dingy and well, not so white, after some time.

The Kitchen

Sofia 5 Piece Dinette SetLove it: Splurge or set a high standard when it comes to appliances. Big ones like stoves and refrigerators are worth the investments, and even portable high quality appliances like a slow cooker can follow you through life. Also, a separate eating area is so important for family dinner bonding time and a beautiful kitchen table set lessens the temptation to eat on the couch.
Lose it: Even though it’s so fun to pick up every fun kitchen gadget that catches your eye, odds are that they will hardly get used. So if you’re looking to avoid clutter, let yourself wish that you had it during two kitchen scenarios. And then treat yourself.  

The Dining Room

McGregor 5 Piece Dinette Set Love it: Just like the neutral bed sheets are a perfect background to whatever you feel like styling with it in the moment, basic and neutral dining dishes is the same idea. You can dress them up with something as simple as linen napkins, or use them as every day dishware.

Lose it: Anything that is so fancy that it never gets used. Unless you’re the go-to person that hosts every holiday dinner, it’s more than likely that the fancy china is collecting dust. Save your money and let someone give you a set as a gift.

For Decorating

Plants and Fruit
Love it: When just starting out, plants and mirrors are your best friends. Anything looks better, even if it’s not brand new or top of the line, when there’s beautiful, green ferns, and delicate little flower buds. Mirrors are experts at making areas look larger than they really are, and reflecting light and creating a sunny shine even on a cloudy day. Art is another item that immediately inserts personality, and color if you choose, into a home.

Lose it: SLOWLY accumulate decorative accessories rather than buying many at once. Let your style reveal itself and you’ll have items that means something rather than things to fill empty space.

Are you currently enjoying your first home? What mistakes have you made, and what have you got right? Let us know in the comments below!



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