You Choose! Silver Sofa Set or Sectional?

You Choose! Silver Sofa Set or Sectional?

If you’ve narrowed down your choices to a silver sofa set or sectional, we have great news for you. The Silverton Pewter 3 Piece Sectional and Silverton Pewter Sofa and Loveseat Collection from American Freight offer top-notch comfort and style for a low everyday price. Today, we’re going to cover all the unique and durable qualities of each of these silver living room sets.

Have you ever found the perfect loveseat but wish it came as a sectional? Or perhaps you found an awesome sectional but would prefer a couch version? The Silverton Pewter comes in a sofa and loveseat set or a sectional, so you can get the modern and stylish pieces you want that will fit your home perfectly.

Silverton Pewter 3 Piece SectionalThe Specs!

We absolutely love the versatility of the silver sofa set and sectional. Both collections feature a beautiful pewter silver polyester upholstery. The large back cushions and thick seat cushions offer cushy comfort and good support. Other highlights of these pieces include the no-sag spring seating, foam density cushions, and hardwood frame construction.

The oversized cushions and sofa arms give this set a timeless look. Because of the rectangular shapes and smooth lines throughout, you can rest assured this living room furniture will stand the test of time of any design. Short, square sofa legs finish off the pieces. For decoration, each collection comes with two small accent pillows that feature a blue, grey, and white diamond pattern similar to argyle.

Silverton Pewter Sofa and Loveseat CollectionPair it With Your Place

Once you decide the silver sofa set or sectional is the right fit for you, you need some staging inspiration. Here are a few ways we recommend pairing the Silverton Pewter collections with your living room:

  1. Center the Silverton Pewter 3 Piece Sectional along the longest wall in your living room. Depending on the rest of your space, use accent chairs, a recliner, an area rug, and side tables to pull the sitting space together.
  2. Push the loveseat in the Silverton Pewter Sofa and Loveseat Collection against a large window. Next, consider adding the sofa next to the loveseat to create a 90-degree angle or stage the sofa parallel to the loveseat. Choose what works best for your living room and lifestyle.
  3. Stage the sectional directly across from your TV and entertainment consoles. On the opposite side of the chaise, add a recliner to create a “U” shaped sitting area so that everyone has a good view of the action and a comfy spot to sit.

No matter where your new silver sofa set or sectional goes, you have plenty of staging options to make your living room unique. Let us know how you would stage these pieces in the comments!

Take the Silver Sofa Set or Sectional Home

All that’s left to do is choose! Will you pick the sofa set or sectional? American Freight makes it so easy to take home your new furniture and mattresses for one low price. We offer payments plans for $50 down and same-day delivery for all in-stock items. Plus, we offer free layaway for up to 24 months. Stop in today to see our latest selection of discount furniture and mattresses.

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