Winter Blues: Beat Them at Home

Winter Blues: Beat Them at Home

Winter Blues Be Gone

Is your Summery attitude dropping along with the temperature? You’re not alone. Up to 20% of people say they experience the winter blues once the sun starts setting earlier and rising later. It’s hard to get up when the sun isn’t even up yet! With work, school, and other daily demands, it can be a challenge to get out of the doldrums. Here are a few things you can do at home (right now) to shake off your Winter blues.

Winter Blues WindowKeep it Light

Lighting is key for mood, whether you’re looking to boost the energy of the room, or wind down from a long day. The general darkness of Winter makes people feel lethargic, making it hard to get basic tasks accomplished. Like we said, it’s even hard to simply wake up out of bed when the sun isn’t up yet!

One trick you can play on your mind once the sun goes down: shut the blinds, and turn all the lights on inside. Light candles and twinkle lights. Forget how dreary it is out there by lighting your indoor space. Check out some of our favorite lighting here.


Eat Wholesome Food & Stay Hydrated

When it’s cold out, we all crave filling carbs and warm hearty foods. The hard part is not always giving into the cravings! Prepping healthy snacks by cutting up celery and carrots for snacking, or baking chicken on Sundays for the rest of the week, can really help. As far as water, try to drink between .5 oz to 1 oz. of water every day for each pound you weigh. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, that would be 75 – 150 oz of water a day.

If you’re low on space for cutting and prepping, check out this recent post on counter height table sets that you can use for surface area in a small kitchenette or apartment.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Change doesn’t have to be a chore! Any impact on your environment lifts mood and provides satisfaction. Reorganizing and re-purposing what you already have allows you to hone your design aesthetic and feng shui. Plus, the physical aspect of this when you actually move furniture around, will boost your endorphins as a form of exercise. Furthermore, the designing aspect of this task makes you feel creative and clever.

Make a Detox / Reading Nook

Set up a funky accent chair with bright lighting. Try to keep it tech-free, besides the lamps, and use it just for reading and writing. We love this idea so much we wrote a whole blog about it! Check it out here.

Cozy Your Sleep Space

Does your bed offer comfort and relaxation? It should! Adding pillows, new bedding, and proper lighting are great starts. But, don’t forget the star of the show: your mattress! Check out our wide selection of mattresses here, with over 30 mattresses under MSRP! Read our recent post here on the top selling mattress at American Freight.

Stop by your local American Freight today to see our wide selection of lamps, living room furniture, mattresses, and more! We’ll help you chase your winter blues away.



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