What (Else) You Need to Know About Mattresses, But Were Afraid to Ask

What (Else) You Need to Know About Mattresses, But Were Afraid to Ask

There is no denying that there is SO MUCH information to know and learn about mattresses. Not only did we post a 10 minute video yesterday about what is important when BUYING a mattress, NOW we’re going to write a little about the details we weren’t able to get to in the video. It’s time to snuggle a little deeper down under the covers. Simmons Del Aire Plush Collection

Breaking Down the Parts


  • Memory- Good at not causing pressure on your body.
    • May be mixed with gel to add additional support and neutral surface temperature
  • Latex- Supportive, durable, and naturally keeps a neutral temperature without gel.


Hybrid– Has features similar to a foam mattress AND one with coils

Coils– Not to make these more confusing but differences depend on the coil structure and the type of coils. Even in cheaper mattresses, the coil count is considered more than sufficient.

  • Metal coils with foams and fibers on the top
  • Older style: coils tied together
    • Bonnell: Hourglass shaped, or
    • Offset coils, continuous coil
  • Other styles:
    • Individually wrapped coils: allows mattress to contour to your body
  • The Foam Factor: Firmer foam or softer foams are available for your preference.


On Top of The Tops

These terms are just that: terms. How the tops of mattresses actually feel is unique to each person. A pillow-top may feel too plush to one persoSleepn while it is perfect for someone else. That’s why it is important to test each mattress no matter what term is associated with it in the store. You may be surprised.

Watch our Facebook Live video for the best way to test a mattress while you’re shopping!

Pillow-Top- The surface is designed to be like a comforter that actually cradles your body. Lots of additional cushioning.

Firm- The surface is designed to have harder feel

Plush- Quilting surface is designed to have a softer feel. May be a happy medium between firm and pillow-top.

Ticking- The design and fabric on top of the mattress and fabrics that feel better are also designed to help you sleep cooler by not retaining the generated body heat while sleeping.

Let us know what information we have missed and what you still would like to know!

Sleep better!


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