What Color Should THIS Room Be?

What Color Should THIS Room Be?

Have you ever thought about why you feel especially good in a certain space? You may have hit the jackpot of the perfect pairing: the right room with its right color. Do you want to create that feeling in your own home, or in EVERY room in your home?Green

Learn what certain colors can do. Is a color calming? Can a color make you hungry, or on the flip side, not hungry? Is there a color that will make you sleep better?

Let’s start in the bedroom. The bedroom is important…if you’re going to get any rest in your life, that’s probably the place where you’ll get it! The color can be a big part in positively contributing to a good night’s sleep.

  • GREEN: Calm, relaxed, natural. Come home after a busy day to soothing green in your bedroom. Use it on the walls, or in the accessories. Feel relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated after you sleep right through the night. After all, that’s what green traditionally symbolizes: new.


Moving into the home office. Think blue. Did you know that blue (supposedly) boasts productivity? The color blue can lower your heart rate and allow you to feel calmer. (Is that why we love staring at the ocean so much?) Let blue help you be more creative, productive, and focused. AND the right blue might even make you feel a tad more optimistic.

RedEating and entertaining in the dining room. This particular space should be comfortable and inviting. People should also be HUNGRY! What magic color can do all of these things? RED.

Red: Fast. Exciting. Hunger-inducing? The first two words? Obvious. The third? Well, that one is buried deep in your subconscious. Red is warm and may just make your stomach growl. And if not, you still have a touch of drama in your dining room that encourages some feisty conversation.

Cooking (and eating) in the kitchen. Make the kitchen happy and cheerful with yellow! Create a space that will allow you to be a creative cook and lets you enjoy it.  Positivity comes from light and yellow reflects it. This is important especially if your kitchen doesn’t get a lot of natural light. If you’re not okay with a huge block of yellow paint, then use yellow in accessories: counter top stools, a large wall clock, or a bowl of lemons on the kitchen table.Siam Parchment Sofa & Loveseat

Relaxing in the living room. The living room is so important. It needs to be the place to relax with your family and friends, or just by yourself. The color white is perfect to cultivate relaxation. Think about it: fluffy white clouds, white sand on a tropical beach, clean, light. Depending on the style you want your living space to be will determine what shade of white you use.

Warm white: soft and traditional

Cool white: contemporary and fresh

Contrast white with a mixture of textures. Don’t be afraid to furnish your home with brightly colored furniture to break up the white walls and flooring.


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