Upgrade Your Summer Entertaining

Upgrade Your Summer Entertaining

Summer days. Summer nights. It’s the perfect time for summer entertaining and parties. We know you’ll throw a party that your neighbors will crash, but first take some time to make some home upgrades that your guests, invited or not, will appreciate.  

Curb Appeal Upgrade Mailbox

We know. You’re not going to make your guests hang out on the curb, BUT they’re definitely going to see the front of your home when they come over even if they never venture around to the front again. But first impressions are so important.

Make sure the yard is appealing and neat, touch up the paint on the front door or mailbox, or hanging a cute decorative door wreath.

Organization Upgrade

While you’re hosting your summer party there’s no stopping the foot traffic in and out of your home, for food, drinks, and the bathroom. Create an organized space, or refresh your mudroom, so your guests can put their bags, jackets, umbrellas, and other extra baggage they have brought over.

shoe rack

Grill Upgrade

How can you have a summer party without hauling out and firing up the grill? Upgrade your outdoor cooking station with small, inexpensive additions, and some may say, essentials. First of all, you might have a lot to add to this station. So you probably need a small fridge to hold everything that you want to throw on the grill, and you need a side table to prepare your food. You’re serious about this, right? Okay, then you need a lot of storage.

What Else?grill

  • Appropriate Fuel
  • Tongs
  • Grilling spatula                                                     
  • Foil and paper towels
  • Fire extinguisher, just in case
  • Grill apron
  • Salt and pepper grinders
  • Bottle opener

Patio/Deck Upgrade

People need somewhere to sit! Ideally, not on top of dead leaves. If you cover your deck furniture, remove them, clean off the dirt and leaves, and sweep and power wash the deck or patio. Does your deck need to be stained? Now would be a good time to do it.  


Landscaping Upgrade

Are you hosting your party in the backyard? Or at least encouraging people to spend time there rather than the house? Then make it a place where people WANT to spend time. Mulch, weed, and trim for a clean look, at the least. Plant flowers that are already bloomed for bursts of color, and add some hanging plants from the deck for decorative accents. 


Light Upgrade

Good parties continue after the sun sets so make sure that people stick around. String lights and lanterns can set the mood in the best way and your guests don’t have to be plunged into complete darkness.lantern lights

What are your tips for summer entertaining at your home? Let us know in the comments below!


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