Update Your Living Room (Without Going Baroque)

Update Your Living Room (Without Going Baroque)

How to Update Your Living Room Affordably

Do you ever look around your living room and feel like you’re in a different century? Some patterns and colors in neutral tones never look dated. But tell that to sea foam green, busy wallpaper, or wood paneling! Don’t worry, you’re not alone if this sounds like your place.

We know redecorating can be expensive. However, we are here to share a secret: one  affordable way to update your living room is by removing clunky tables and old bulky sofas, and adding in modern accent chairs. One of our favorite accent chairs is today’s Featured Friday: the Baroque Fog Reclining Chair.

Update Your Living Room : Baroque Fog Reclining Chair


We love this Baroque Fog Reclining Chair for three main reasons:

  1. It reclines! Kick back easily with the arm push reclining mechanism embedded in the padded arms.
  2. The foggy colors match almost any decor in neutral colors
  3. There is a matching 3 piece table set! It includes a coffee table and two matching end tables. Click here to see it.


At American Freight, we have lots of different styles and sizes of accent chairs to choose from! Check out this page dedicated solely to our funky accent chairs for sale. We know everyone’s living room is their sanctuary, and everyone has different tastes. If you’re looking for ways to maximize your living room space, check out our recent blog on small living room ideas. If you’re still looking for accent chair inspiration, click here to see a wide selection of American Freight accent chairs and recliners.


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