Treat Your Bedroom (and Yourself) Right!

Treat Your Bedroom (and Yourself) Right!

While the majority of people that visit your home will never see your bedroom, your bedroom is the room where YOU probably spend the most time.

This is the time to treat yourself! In order to have productive days, you need to have restful evenings and nights. Create a peaceful space in which to relax at the end of the day and improve your mental and physical health. Pillows

Number 1, ALWAYS: A Good Mattress. In order to sleep well, you first and foremost, must sleep as comfortably as you possibly can. It’s important to test out a variety of different brands, and different levels of firmness, and softness. For the best price, and the most variety to try, visit your local American Freight store.

And if you give yourself a new mattress…the bed frame is next. After you have the perfect mattress, you must have the perfect bed frame. What headboard fits your life? Do you like to sit against one to read or watch television? An upholstered headboard would be a good match. If that doesn’t matter, your world of bed frames splits wide open. You can find one that matches any bedroom décor you choose, and up the comfort level by piling on large pillows and cozy blankets.   

Make the bedding. Create your own version of paradise by adding on beautiful, comfortable, soft sheets, linens, pillow, blankets and comforters, on top of your perfect mattress. If you are all about accent pillows, pile them on, as they can set the tone to your bedroom style. Crystal Chandelier Black Floor Lamp

Soft lighting. For a space to have a relaxation aspect, it absolutely must have soft lighting. Make sure it’s bright enough where you can read or can match up socks of the same color. Taller lamps with wide shade can allow you to direct light where it is needed.

Furniture you need. A nightstand (for a table lamp, clock, book, glass of water), a side chair for a corner sitting spot, a bench at the end of the bed (a place to pull on those aforementioned matching socks).

Tranquil bedroom colors. Color is huge when it comes to setting a certain mood: soft hues of blues, grays, taupe, creams, and whites are common and popular for a good reason. But what can be considered calm is a personal feeling. If a certain color feels calming to you, use it!

Lila Bedroom Set


Items to avoid in the bedroom if you’re looking to create a calm haven.

  • TVs and other electronics.
  • Using the bedroom as a workplace.

Don’t wait another day to create the bedroom that you want in your life. Look forward to hibernating in a calm, peaceful, tranquil (and every other word that means quiet) bedroom of your doing. Let us know your plan in the comments section below!


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