Back To School Tips: Moving into a Dorm

Back To School Tips: Moving into a Dorm

Back to school time is already here – where did the summer go? College kids are packing up and getting ready to head off to the dorms, and if it is their first year it can be a very overwhelming process. What do you bring with? What do you keep at home? Does your roommate have things you are missing? How will everything fit in such a small space? There will always be some surprises, but with these simple back to school tips in mind you can be as prepared as possible for move-in day.

Call the housing department ahead of time.
If there are any questions that your paperwork does not answer, be sure to call the school’s housing department to have any confusion worked out before you arrive on move-in day. They can provide you with all kinds of useful information, such as what is included in your room, whether or not there is a kitchen, if you will be sharing the bathroom with others, dimensions of the room and furniture that is already provided, and more. Knowing these things can make sure you have everything you think you’ll need on hand and prevent you from packing up things you won’t need.

Reach out to your roommate to see what they plan to bring.
If you have a small, old television but your roommate has a nice new flat screen, why bring both? Give your roommate a call, text, or Facebook message to see what he or she is planning on bringing. With such limited space in your dorm room to begin with, having multiples of things can make it every more crowded. Have a plan for what needs to be bought and split the responsibilities. If possible, try to plan to arrive at the dorms around the same time. This way you can decide together how to layout your room, which prevents you from having to rearrange things later on.

Make a list of the items you need.
Moving from your home into a dorm can be a difficult process simply because there is not room to bring everything with. Create a list of the items you absolutely must have – consider things like how the weather will be where your school is until you go home again. If you’ll be traveling back to your hometown for Thanksgiving break and know you won’t need all of your winter clothes until then, pick a few things to have just in case and then swap out your summer clothes for fall and winter options when you’re home on break. Also, think about what things you could purchase when you get to school instead of bringing along.

Confirm how the process will work when you arrive.
Every school has a different process for move-in day – some schools have people scheduled at specific times, other schools allow you to come when you choose. Find out everything you can about parking, unloading, whether or not bins are provided for getting items upstairs, and how many elevators there are. Be prepared to take lighter items up the stairs so you’re not stuck waiting for the next elevator, and have a plan for getting your things from where you park to the dorm itself if unloading in front of the building is not an option.

Stay organized while you pack.
Try to pack things together that you plan to unpack together – for example, supplies you will need for classes and studying will likely all be stored near your desk in the same spot, so pack those things together. Clearly label the boxes so you know what is where and can unpack the most important things first. Staying organized when you pack things up makes it much easier to stay organized when you arrive – it also helps you make sure you have everything you need.

Grab what you’re missing.
Chances are, there will be things you will forget or items you will discover that you need once you arrive. A great tip is to find a store a little farther from the university to pick up those things – it is likely that their prices could be better and it won’t be as crowded as one right by the college.

Once everything is set up, you might discover that you and your roommate would like a comfortable futon or recliner for added seating – American Freight can help! If you know you need it before you head to school, buy it at the store near your home and have it delivered from a store near your school! Our subcontracted delivery teams will bring the items to your dorm room so you don’t have to worry about picking it up yourself if you don’t have your own car or someone to help you get it up to your the ninth floor dorm room. Check out the American Freight website for more information and great deals on furniture and mattresses in your area!


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