Tips for Buying Accent Furniture

Tips for Buying Accent Furniture

Most homes have many of the same major pieces of furniture – couch, chair, dining table, bed, or dresser, for example. You can certainly express your style with these pieces of furniture, but many times you can truly make your room your own with your choice of accent furniture. Without accent furniture, large rooms would be bare and feel empty, so it is important to choose the right accents for your room without choosing so many items that it makes the room feel crowded.

Accent furniture may be small in size, but it is essential to use it in complementing other furniture that you already have in the room. Consider things like side tables, coffee tables, nightstands, lamps, area rugs, and more. Before you go shopping, it is important to measure the space you’re working with. This is important before any kind of furniture buying, but you want to make sure you do not choose too many accent pieces for the space you have.

Consider what you’re looking for in your accent furniture, as well. Do you want a side table so you can store things next to the sofa, or do you want it there so you can place a specific decoration? When you know what you are expecting of the furniture, you can more easily choose the right pieces. If you simply want to fill some empty space, then accent chairs may be the way to go. You can choose from many different styles and pick the best size and design for your aesthetic.

Matthew Chair Side Table
Additionally, you will want to think about what kind of design style your room already has and where you want to take that style. Is your room modern? Traditional? Contemporary? Rustic? Accent furniture should do just that – accent the look you already have. Make sure the furniture you choose adds to the appearance of your room instead of taking away from it.

Mason Coffee and End Table Set
Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. If you see a chair upholstered in a bold patterned fabric that you would never choose for a couch, don’t stray away from it – this could be the perfect amount of that pattern to add character to your room! Unique furniture pieces can truly bring your room together.

American Freight has a variety of accent furniture available, including coffee tables, end tables, side tables, nightstands, and more.


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