Tips for Decorating Your Temporary Home

Tips for Decorating Your Temporary Home

Most people are guilty of this decorating issue: not decorating a rental home because you know that you’re going to move to another rental or you’re going to be purchasing a home soon. What may be seen as a waste of money actually is not. Is it a waste to make wherever you are currently living feel exactly like the home that you want to love living in? We think the answer is no. Most leases are for a year (plenty of time to completely decorate a space), and unless you are extremely lucky, the buying process is just that, a process.

So, stop thinking about this as the transitional living phase of your life and just feel comfortable where you are, right now!

Live in a space where you’re comfortable with inviting people over to spend time, and where you want to spend time, too. No matter your budget, you can do this! Potted Plants

Now: The small things are the big things:

Décor and accessories can and will make all the difference when making your short-term rental feel like a permanent home. These well-loved items will most likely follow you to your new, or next, home.

  • Small rugs
  • Prints for the wall
  • Potted plants
  • Any new light fixtures

Now, oErica Heirloom Charcoal Accent Chairr Later:

If you’re ready to start incorporating some investment pieces into your home then start your (select) furniture shopping! Carefully choose and pick out comfortable arm chairs, small dining sets for the kitchen or breakfast nook, buffets, and end tables. Other big deal pieces are throw and area rugs, beautiful throws, wall art and other décor that you know you’ll want to keep long term.  If you have room, feel free to stock up on these items; if you don’t, buy them when you move somewhere else.



Save it for Later: The Finishing TouchesTwill 2 PC. Sectional Sofa

Don’t hurry with the following wish list and instead wait until you are where you ultimately want to be:


What are the reasons for waiting on these items? For these sets, you need to be able to measure the room and make sure the furniture is the correct size.


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