Tips for Decorating a Teenage Bedroom

Anyone who has a teenager (or has been one) knows how difficult it can be to find something he or she will enjoy for the long-term, whether it is fashion, music, or even home décor. This can make decorating a teenage bedroom a seemingly impossible task. Luckily, there are some easy tips to keep in mind that can please even the most fickle of teens.

Choose Décor First.

The first and most important step is to work with your teenager to choose the décor he or she wants. This includes everything from bedding to artwork and everything in between. Once you’ve decided on the overall color palette, then you can choose a paint hue that works with everything instead of doing it the other way around. There are thousands of shades of paint to pick from, so finding one that matches your décor should not be too difficult. You also avoid the issue of finding décor that your teenager likes but does not match after you’ve already painted the room.

Personalize the Décor.

Work with your teenager to bring his or her true personality into their bedroom, whether it be through accents, patterns, colors, or something else altogether. Make space for photographs of friends and family that can be easily swapped out as times change. Consider overall patterns he or she has always enjoyed, like a bold floral or fun stripe. Something timeless that will not go out of style can be utilized for years to come regardless of what other tastes might change along the way.

Consider the Future.

Your teenager is growing up fast, and having an idea of what he or she hopes for the future can help you create a room they will happily grow into. Is your daughter interested in getting into the fashion industry? Bring elements that reflect that into the décor with fun statement pieces like a mannequin or unique closet space to showcase her style. If your son wants to be a physical therapist, sports-themed memorabilia can be a great accent. Decorating this way gives your teenager something to grow into that may also provide inspiration along the way.

Work with your teenager to create a dream room that will last by implementing these quick tips in your planning.


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