This Extra-Large Recliner is Extra Comfy

This Extra-Large Recliner is Extra Comfy

The only thing more comfortable than a recliner is an extra-large recliner. With more space, you can really stretch out and get cozy at the same time. We’re very excited about the Denver Gunmetal Recliner. The grey motion piece features a wider frame than traditional recliners. The subtle stitching and minimal tufting on the grey faux leather upholstery look incredibly sophisticated. You can tuck this extra-large recliner in a formal at-home office or your casual TV den.

5 Things to Love About the Denver Gunmetal Recliner

We’re usually head-over-heels for products we love, but in this case, we’re definitely heels-over-head. (Get it? Because we’re reclining!) Keep reading to learn five things we think you’re going to enjoy about the Denver Gunmetal Recliner:

  1. The faux leather upholstery is soft and durable. You won’t have to worry about a high maintenance recliner, because this piece offers all the beauty of a real leather recliner without the upkeep. Synthetic leather doesn’t need to be treated like genuine leather.
  2. The gunmetal grey shade is a great color for any room in your home. Since it’s neutral, it will match almost any color palette. Add the recliner to your reading room, home office, living room, basement, gaming room, or even your master bedroom.
  3. The pub-back cushion is packed with padding. There’s no need to worry about uneven support or padding in this recliner. Whether you’re sitting up or lounging in the fully-reclined position, you’ll be surrounded by top-notch padding for support and comfort.
  4. The large, wide armrests are another extension of comfort. You might confuse these armrests for pillows because they’re so plush and comfortable. Prop up your arms like you’re in your very own at-home spa chair.
  5. There’s room for your furry friend, too. If you have a cat or dog who loves to sit on your lap, this extra-large recliner will be the perfect seat to share. It doesn’t get much better than snuggling with your beloved pet in a comfortable seat.

Catalina Gunmetal ReclinerThere are many things to love about the Denver Gunmetal Recliner, but don’t only take our word for it! Visit your local American Freight to try it before you buy it. If you’re ready to buy, check out our online ordering option. You can buy online and pick up at your local store. Click here for more online ordering details. For more recliner options, check out the blogs These 3 Stylish Recliners Will Keep You Cozy or Rest and Relaxation: Meet the Knoxville Recliner.

You Deserve to Rest Like This

After a long day of school, work, running around with your kids, or whatever your day brings, you need a place to kick your feet up and relax. Choose the Denver Gunmetal Recliner because it’s a trifecta: Stylish, comfortable, and affordable. Don’t be alarmed when this extra-large recliner becomes the best seat in your house! Get a pair of recliners to create a super cozy reading nook, complete your gaming room, or set up the best seats in front of your home theater.

Stop your nearest American Freight to pick up the Denver Gunmetal Recliner today. We offer affordable payment plans, free layaway, and same-day delivery for all in-stock items. Click here to find your local store.

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