This Bling Bedroom Set is Fit for Royalty

This Bling Bedroom Set is Fit for Royalty

The Lorenzo Black Bedroom Collection is the bling bedroom set we can’t stop talking about. It has glitz and glam and will make you wonder why you’ve been settling for bland bedroom collections up until now. Keep reading to learn more about why the Lorenzo might be a great fit for your bedroom!

Bling Bedroom Sets Are 2020’s Shiny New Item

There are always a few trends that define a year in interior design. We’re predicting bling bedroom sets like the Lorenzo Black Bedroom Collection are going to take the world by storm. This set features a few unique design elements:

  1. Metallic upholstery on the headboard and footboard.
  2. Diamond tufting on the headboard and footboard.
  3. Mirrored trim around the headboard, footboard, nightstand, chest of drawers, and dresser.
  4. Matte black wood design throughout the entire set.
  5. Simple lines and shallow angled furniture feet.

Do you want to see what all the excitement is about? Visit your local American Freight Furniture and Mattress and ask a store associate about the Lorenzo Black Bedroom Collection. You can try it before you buy it! See a store near you for details.

Lorenzo Bling Bedroom Set


3 Reasons to Try a Trendy Bedroom Collection

If you’re daring to try something different in your home but you’re not sure where to start, the Lorenzo Black Bedroom Collection is a great bling bedroom set to guide your design eye to a fresh perspective. Here are three reasons you should consider a trendy bedroom:

  1. A bedroom collection is one of the must-have pieces of furniture that isn’t the star of the home. Only you and your partner will really see or use the furniture, so it can be furniture that’s more edgy and modern than other styles in your home.
  2. Trendy bedroom collections tend to have more design features than traditional bedroom sets. That means you’re getting more for your money!
  3. Modern bedroom collections will elevate the style of your entire home. Once you make the move to upgrade your bedroom set or your guest bedroom collection, there’s no telling where the design inspiration will go next.

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4 Responses

  1. Do you deliver out if state? I live in South Carolina.

    1. Hi, Sonya! Thank you for your comment. Follow this link to find a store near you. You can contact your local store to ask about delivery options.

  2. I really want this trendy black royalty bedroom set but I live in Topeka and the Topeka store doesn’t carry it how do I go about getting it delivered to Topeka

    1. Hi, Emily! Thanks for your comment. Great question! Contact your local store in Topeka for more information.

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