The Wall Above the Bed (DUM, DUM, DUM)

A bedroom is one of the most important parts of your home design scheme. It should be the sanctuary that you want away from the rest of the house, and from the outside world. The bedroom does bring along certain décor challenges: the required furniture that makes a bedroom, a bedroom. That would be some kind of storage like dressers, and of course, a bed. This may make furnishing a little more difficult but does create a blank space that has so many options: THE WALL BEHIND THE BED. You may have a bed with a tall headboard and in that case, you’re set. But let’s say your favorite bed is without one, or is very short…Couture Gray Bedroom Set

What do you do once you’re staring at the blank canvas that is the white space? 

  • No white space! Fill up the entire wall with artwork and photos that make you feel good, and create a gallery wall. It could be colorful pieces that are brimming with energy, or neutral colored art that adds to the serenity and peace of your bedroom.curtain-362448_640
  • Are you dealing with an odd shaped wall behind your bed? You may feel limited about what is possible but your options are still completely open. Don’t try to make pieces fit the weird space…instead make pretty wallpaper fit your weird face wall.
  • Are you feeling like this space would be a great place for texture? Go for a woven wall hanging like a tapestry or rug. If your bed is headboard-less, this particular trick can create a unique and personal homemade headboard. 
  • From making your own headboard to making your own canopy. Create a light and airy canopy using mosquito netting, which certainly is a statement, and draws the eye up and makes the ceilings feel higher.
  • There are so many beautiful framed mirrors that can double as a piece of art. It also has the advantage that it will reflect any natural light and will make the room feel much more large and airy.architect-791707_640
  • If you’re brave, (securely) hang shelves above the bed. Try white shelves if you have white walls. The white shelving blends into the white walls and then whatever happens to be perched on the shelves seems to be suspended in mid-air.

Have you tried any of these ideas in your own bedroom? Do you have the WALL ABOVE THE BED problem? Leave comments below!


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