The New Kitchen Trends

The New Kitchen Trends

Kitchen DetailsNew year, and new trends. Why should the kitchen get left out?! 2016 was a beautiful year for kitchen styles: farmhouse rustic dining tables, white cabinetry, and marble counters. And if you love those looks, they’re not going anywhere but as with every year, we can spot the new designs on the horizon.

The kitchen, for many people and families, is the safe place in the home. We eat there, we gather there, we share our days there. In the year ahead, update and refresh your kitchen with the following big trends, if you want, but be sure to keep the heart intact.

Keep the Shine Outside

This year, turn the shine volume knob down to “cozy.” Deep bronze colored and matte finished fixtDark Bronzeures and details are in, and ‘flash’y accents are out.

Be Neutral (In the Kitchen)

Neutrals, or colors that act like neutrals, will make an appearance in the kitchen in the upcoming year. Darker greens, burnt reds, and faded blues are still warm, and grounded, with elegant deep tones. They’re unconventional and interesting colors that aren’t often seen often in kitchens.

Simple Comfort

Do you have nostalgia for your grandma’s kitchen, or just like the style of 50’s and 60’s kitchen sFinn 5 Piece Dining Settyle? Expect to take a walk down memory lane as people are seeking comfort in the past. Traditionally styled sets that are simple effortlessly translates to warmth, realness, and non-fussiness.

One with Nature

Natural materials are becoming more popular. A wood dining room set is a given but even the accents and details will be reflected in materials like clay, wicker, cork-boards, marble, and, of course, wood. Earthier and sustainable pieces over frivolity.