The Home Office

The Home Office

What do you want out of an office? Is it a place where you will REALLY be working in, or is it the place where you keep your computer? Do you want it to be a plain, professional room so there’s no distractions or is going to be a happy place?

home office desk

You probably have ideas, plans, and objects that need organized…are you looking for your office space to fulfill this purpose? These are all questions that need answered before you start snapping your office (back) into shape.

Plug It In

Create a manageable system for your electronics and all the mess that’s attached to it. Yes, we’re talking about the tangle of wires that will either at one time or another, trip you or you’ll accidentally unplug while crossing your legs under your desk. Let’s get that wire web under control!

The first tip is to have a place JUST for the electronics. There’s different wire organizational systems that can contain all of the wires and keep them all in one place. A computer’s keyboard and mouse in this space can be placed on a roll out drawer so it keeps those accessories off of the desk surface. Even a lower, sturdier shelf can hold the printer (and the rest of the wires). If this surface is against a wall, install a shelf above to hold your books, decorative accessories, and a light that can bend to shine downward.

Look at Something

Window View

This is a personal preference. In the scenario above, we have a desk type structure facing the wall, allowing a design choice for over the desk. This may be an ideal arrangement if you need to face a wall to block out any outside distractions.

But if you need to actually look at SOMETHING, face your desk toward the door, bonus points if you have some beautiful double glass doors and you can see into the next room. Or facing a window will always give you something to look at, even if you don’t have a spectacular view outside of it. Because windows mean sunshine, and sunshine is important to our mental health.

Desk Space

What is an office without the main purpose of an office? And by that we mean a place to sit down, and work, pay bills, or to organize your, or your family’s schedule. Make sure it is large enough to give yourself room to work and Sancho Paisley Arm cHAIRnot feel cluttered. This space also tends to be shared with another person’s work space. Measure and plan the details so everyone has enough (or equal) space for work and storage.

Get rid of the usual, boring work office desk chairs. Instead replace them with decorative arm chairs that are more comfortable and 100 times more beautiful.

What are your home office ideas? Let us know in the comments section below!


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