The Best Hybrid Mattress for your Budget

The Best Hybrid Mattress for your Budget

Stop tossing and turning on your old, lumpy mattress and upgrade to the Simmons Holland Harbor Hybrid Collection from American Freight Furniture and Mattress. This hybrid mattress combines the latest technology to give you a restful night of sleep that will leave you feeling restored.

Keep reading to get a closer look at all the specs of the Simmons Holland Harbor Hybrid Collection layer by layer. We’re going over all the details to help you decide if this mattress would be a good fit for you!

They Call it Hybrid for a Reason

You won’t find many mattresses that stack up to all the properties of the Simmons Holland Harbor Hybrid Collection. The mattress is a hybrid of gel memory foam and coil technology. This is the best of both worlds because you get to enjoy all the cooling and contouring aspects of memory foam with the support of a strong coil foundation. Next, we’re going to take a closer look at every layer.

We Love the Layers of this Hybrid Mattress

Perhaps the best way to shop for a quality mattress is to get an understanding of what’s inside. This way you’ll know exactly where your money is being spent. It’s important to know what your mattress is made of to ensure you’re not overspending and that the materials and build are made to last for years.

Holland Harbor Hybrid Mattress LayersLayer One

The first layer of the Simmons Holland Harbor Hybrid mattress is Dualcool® Memory Foam. This layer is extremely important because it’s designed to keep you cool while you sleep. It also contours to your body’s unique shape.

Layer Two

We love this layer because it’s packed with Aircool® Gel Memory Foam. It absorbs motion so you won’t disturb your partner or pets when you move. The foam also provides pressure point relief. If you suffer from chronic back pain, you could experience great relief on the Holland Harbor Hybrid.

Layer Three

This cushy layer offers comfort and support in a perfect balance. In layer three, Geltouch® Foam is firm and dense to support your neck and back in place. The gel makes the foam firmer than other memory foam varieties. However, it still has all the cushion and contouring properties you know and love.

The Core

Individually pocketed coils fill the core of the mattress. These Beautyrest® Pocketed Coils are supportive and move piece by piece to allow you to move freely.

Top It All Off

The top of the mattress is encased with natural silver fibers. Silver has antimicrobial properties that prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Even if you’re a sweaty sleeper, you can rest assured your mattress has your back.

Other Reasons to Get On Board With the Holland Harbor

In addition to comfort, you need a mattress you can depend on for durability. Nobody wants to replace their mattress every year, so you need one you can rely on for thousands of nights of rest! The Holland Harbor Hybrid mattress comes with a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Holland Harbor Hybrid Mattress Close UpDon’t Sleep on This Opportunity!

American Freight Furniture and Mattress has a huge selection of mattresses to choose from. Visit a store near you to try before you buy. We offer quality mattresses at discounted prices! Plus, you can take advantage of our payment plans, free layaway, or same-day delivery for all in-stock items. Click here to find an American Freight near you.


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