The Best Furniture for Pet-Friendly Homes

The Best Furniture for Pet-Friendly Homes

Do you have furry friends in your home? Whether you’re a cat person, a dog person, or both, we’ve done the digging to come up with the best list of furniture styles that are mega stylish and majorly pet-friendly. 

Even if you have less common pets like bunnies, chinchillas, ferrets, or guinea pigs, if you let them wander around the house, you need to make sure your furniture is easy to clean and maintain. In this post, we’re covering all kinds of fabrics and materials that are best for pets! 

Pexels Cat on Couch

American Freight Furniture and Mattress sells quality furniture and mattresses at a price you won’t believe. Plus, we offer pet-friendly furniture in a variety of different materials! Keep reading to figure out how you can make your interior design trendy without sacrificing quality from a pet accident.

Types of Furniture to Buy

No matter where you are in your pet parenthood journey, it’s important to keep your four-legged friends in mind when you’re shopping for new furniture. Every pet from puppies to adult cats can have an accident here or there. That’s why you need furniture that will be easy to clean in no time. Check out our top recommendations below!

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These Materials are a Match

Sofas, loveseats, sectionals, recliners, and accent chairs are the core of your fabric essentials in the home. But what materials are best for pets? The rule of thumb is to stick to fabrics with really tight weave according to Lauren Flanagan from The Spruce. She suggests choosing pleather, microfiber, or outdoor fabrics. 

Pleather, also known as synthetic leather or faux leather, is easy to wipe clean and won’t trap dirt, dust, or allergens from your pet inside the materials. Plus, pet hair will brush right off the surface with no problem. You can also choose genuine leather couches and chairs.

Check out the Saunter faux leather sectional from American Freight Furniture and Mattress. The Saunter 4 Piece Reclining Sectional Sofa is the comfy, oversized sofa of your dreams. The rich dark brown pleather is soft and easy to maintain. If you have any spills, this set will wipe clean in an instant.

Saunter 4 Piece Sectional Sofa

Microfiber is an excellent choice for pets because it’s super easy to clean! Most microfiber pieces will spot clean with water or other gentle cleansers. Go the extra mile and choose a sectional or sofa and loveseat set with removable cushion covers! You can toss them in your washer and dryer and then you’re good to go. Read more about cushion care here. 

One of our top-rated sofa and loveseat sets is the Silverton Pewter Sofa and Loveseat. This light set will mask white and other light-colored cat and dog hair. However, the adjustable cushions and polyester blend make it durable and easy to maintain.

Outdoor fabrics are a great choice to invite indoors to combat your pet’s wear and tear. Treated canvas or other weather-resistant materials are great for critters who might track muddy paws onto your sofa. Many modern outdoor furniture styles are easy to incorporate indoors since wicker and bold patterns are popular. We also love how durable canvas and other treated fabrics are. They tend to have tight weave to keep dirt and moisture out of the fabric.

Leanne Potts from HGTV suggests two materials that are as beautiful and stylish as they are comfortable and durable. According to Potts, Crypton is made of synthetic fibers and is nearly indestructible. Best of all, it’s resistant to bacteria so it won’t stain or smell from muddy paws or loose cat litter. Ultrasuede is the other durable fabric of choice. It looks and feels just like traditional suede, but it’s built to last.

Hard Surfaces to Incorporate in Your Space

Basically, anything that isn’t too porous or fragile is a great choice for pets. If your furry friend likes to chew on dining tables or kitchen chairs, we recommend pieces with metal frames. The Derby 5 Piece Dinette Set is beautiful and durable. The black metal frame of the table and matching chairs is sleek and simple.

Derby 5 Piece Dinette Set

Wood is also a great material for your home. Be sure to buy a pre-treated wood piece or add a protective layer of varnish to reduce water marks. We carry a variety of wood products that are pre-treated and ready for your home! For living rooms, try the Amelia 3 Piece Table Set. This coffee table and two matching side tables add a farmhouse appeal to any living room.

Amelia 3 Piece Table Set

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try acrylic furniture. Acrylic is lightweight and easy to clean. Plus, it’s a great choice if you have pets and kids in your home.

Types of Furniture to Avoid

Protect your hard-earned money by avoiding fabrics and other materials that aren’t pet-friendly. We understand you can’t replace your entire house full of furniture just for a kitten, puppy, or bunny. However, if you don’t plan to replace your furniture often, it’s important to shop with these tips in mind:

Skip these Fabrics

Lauren Flanagan from The Spruce also warns there are several fabrics you should avoid for pet-friendly homes. Chenille, velvet, silk, and tweed make up the “do not purchase” list. Chenille can trap dirt inside the fibers easily. Velvet is gorgeous, but it stains very easily and without proper care, the fibers can get crushed. Silk is one of the more obvious no-nos. The luxurious fabric is fragile and doesn’t handle moisture well. Lastly, tweed isn’t a great choice. Tweed traps pet hair and dandruff well and it’s very difficult to get it out.

In general, any fabric sofa, sectional, or chair that can’t be cleaned with a gentle brush, towel, and cleaner is one you should avoid in a home with lots of pets. You should also do your best to avoid couches and other pieces that don’t have removable cushion covers. If you must choose one of these fabrics, try a darker shade or a color that matches your pet’s fur.

Forget the Following Furniture Materials

Delicate glass can break easily if a pet knocks it over. Try to avoid thin glass furniture completely. Unless it’s in a thick, sturdy and shallow coffee table or side table, pass on the glass.

Loose-weave wicker furniture is another hard material you should avoid, especially if you have cats. If the wicker is woven tight, it’s not as easy for little paws or claws to get caught. However, looser styles can make it easy for your pet to get a paw stuck. You might also struggle to get hair or other debris out of loosely woven wicker pieces.

Tips for Fabric Furniture Longevity

If you already have upholstered furniture in your home, you may wonder what’s the best approach for cleaning or protecting it. Here are a few of our top recommendations:

  1. If there’s an accident on the sofa, read the cleaning instructions on the couch label. The label will tell you exactly how to care for spots and stains according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. You can read our post about how to read cleaning tags here.
  2. Bathe and groom your furry friends often. If you start at the source of the dirt and dandruff, it will be much easier to keep your fabric furniture clean and tidy. Plus, you’ll feel less guilty about having cats or dogs up on the sofa with you.
  3. Vacuum, vacuum, and vacuum some more. Vacuuming your furniture regularly is a great way to keep dirt and dust out of the fibers of your upholstery. This will help keep the color more vibrant and the fabric soft to the touch. Plus, it will keep your furniture looking and feeling plush to the touch.
  4. Try sofa covers! If you don’t mind changing the color or texture of your sofa in order to protect it, consider adding stylish sofa covers to protect the fibers. 

Follow these tips to keep your beautiful pet-friendly furniture in tip-top shape!

Find a Store Near You

American Freight Furniture and Mattress offers a huge selection of pet-friendly furniture at an affordable price point. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on high-end fabrics just because you have a few four-legged family members. From living room furniture to dining tables, we have the trendy and durable pieces you’re searching for.

To find a store near you, click our store search page. Shop our latest styles at a price that works for you. We offer payment plans, free layaway, and same-day delivery for all in-stock delivery.

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