Texture, Texture, Texture!

Texture, Texture, Texture!

What’s just as important as, if not more than, color when decorating a space in your home? If you’re REALLY looking to completely redo a space, different combinations of textures can make a huge design impact. The style of a home has everything to do with the furniture, decorations, patterns, texture, and color.

The style that is trending right now is eclectic. Mixing rustic design with modern and contemporary style is the new normal. It’s easier to get that desired balance with two seemingly different style tastes combined and to let the details subtly change the look of a home. Texture is one detail that can change the feel of a room. And there’s many ways to incorporate texture into a space.

Siam Parchment Sofa & Loveseat

  • Rugs
  • Throw pillows
  • Curtains
  • Furniture (of course)

All of the items listed above can bring the color, pattern, and texture. Sometimes texture is easy to forget when pulling together a room, but it won’t be easily forgotten if you go with a textured piece of furniture, or even one that COMBINES several different textures. Yes, they do exist! (See below)!

Object Charcoal Sofa & Loveseat

Quatro Canary 2 PC. Sectional SofaTexture really pops when it’s on a contrasting texture. Lay a very soft faux animal fur rug on a hard, rustic wooden floor and not only will it be comfortable but it will look very interesting with the contrasting textures.



Luxury is usually defined by plush, smooth, silky fabrics and surfaces. And where do you want luxury more than in your bedroom décor? Invest in a beautiful bedroom set that features pieces that are created with a variety of textiles.

Windsor Silver Bedroom Set

How do you decorate with texture in your home? How do you feel about textured furniture? Let us know in the comments below!


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