Summer Party Planning

Summer Party Planning

Summer is winding down and you may feel like you didn’t get to do everything that you wanted. Was a summer party on your list? There’s still time for some fun in the long days and evenings of summer. But hosting a party is a lot of responsibility, especially on a budget, so first recruit any kind of help that you can get.

The Details

Yes, e-vites, or texting details may be much easier and faster, but it’s much more personal and exciting to receive an invite in the mail. The invitations are the details that will get the party off on the right foot.

Summer DecoratingSummer Fruit

Set the tone right away. Will you have outdoor seating? Consider your table decorations:

  • A centerpiece of beach balls
  • Colorful towels draped over each chair
  • Fruit display piled on a platter, or even pineapples as a tropical centerpiece
  • Drinks with lemon slices on the cup edges, and ice cubes made with herbs or flowers. Make sure they’re edible!
  • Small lights that can be strung across a deck, tea lights, and votive candles, are the outdoor, evening ambiance.
  • Use flowers from your own yard, from the store, bundle them and place vases (whatever you would like to use for vases) around the party area.


Arranging the Space

What about the rest of the set-up? Do you have a backyard? A pool? A place for conversation?

Fire Pit


  • Camping without the camping: Set up a fire pit, some chairs to circle around it, and make s’mores.
  • Have a pool? A hot tub? A sprinkler? Keep essentials for a water party in case someone doesn’t come prepared: sunscreen and towels.
  • Create an intimate space for cozy conversation. At the end of the evening there’s always the few stragglers, (usually your closest friends and family), so make a comfortable spot with pillows and a close circle of seating.

What are your best summer party tip? Are you glad that summer’s almost over, and fall is close to arriving?


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