Summer Living Room Refresh

Summer Living Room Refresh

This summer refresh is as much of a mental refresh as it is a physical one. It’s not too late to get into the summer state of mind, and summer renovate your home, too. Let’s move into the living room specifically, and lighten things up with simple touches!

Now is the time to de-clutter. When it’s hot and humid, the most undesirable situation is any sort of fabric touching your 

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bare skin with the possibility of inducing sweat. Take this suffocating feeling and turn it into action by purging what you don’t want or need, aka the unnecessary layers touching the surface of your home. Breathe a little easier with less THINGS surrounding you!   

Put your cares aside. Take a second and think about the home-related issues that you have and then decide what can be done so you’re not stressed by them for the rest of the summer. For example, do you get slightly fixated on cleaning the baseboards in the living room? Turn that stress into energy and play outside with your kids, dogs, or taking a long walk. Or if you feel like you must “fix” something, instead of cleaning inside, straighten up the garden and soak up the vitamin C.  

Slow it down. Use your living room refresh to create a place to actually relax! Buy yourself a brand new piece of furniture that you love to be comfortable in…nap in it. Read in it. Refresh, relax.

Visible entertainment. The kids may be staying up a little later with no school to go to in the morning, and more guests may just be dropping by with little notice. You need visible entertainment! Clear off some bookshelves and fill it back up with board games, and books for a fun family game night, or a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Go with natural décor. Embrace the season…this idea isn’t just for the holidays. Decorate to celebrate the summer season. This could include, but is not limited to:

  • a vase of fresh flowersBowl of Fruit
  • something local to your area: if you’re by the ocean collect some cool sea shells
  • a bowl of fresh, beautiful fruit like lemons, limes, apples, or peaches


Stormy summer days. Summer storms are a thing. They. Are. Great. Not only is it a break from the hot weather, but sometimes you need an excuse to stay home and do nothing. That’s the purpose of summer storms. Be prepared. Make hot chocolate in July. Nap under a lightweight blanket while the AC blasts cold air.

Vacation mode all year. The forever summer can last with reminders and souvenirs from your summer vacation that you never want to forget. Print them out, frame them, or display them so they’re easy to flip through when you need a happy pick-me-up.  


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