Summer Dining Room Refresh

Summer Dining Room Refresh

Dining at home during the summer can be complicated. Sometimes you’re eating outside more than you’re eating inside. People are in and out of the house, busy with their summer schedules. Light refreshing dinners, best in the heavy humidity, are tastiest sitting on the porch with paper plates balancing on laps. So. Why should we care about the dining room during this season? Because relaxing the “rules” can be fun. Spread the summer love all over your home! Possible Table Cloth

Choose cheerful cloths. Put away that plain, solid neutral table cloth and get it back out for Thanksgiving. The summer is about celebrating print and color, no matter the occasion. Spread out something festive like a thin, light-weight beach blanket for something completely summer casual!

No dining necessary. If you’re not using the dining room table for eating then don’t let it go to waste! Turn it into an arts and crafts space for your kids during those summer days with hours and hours to fills. If you also provide some cute storage options for the art materials that your kids are using, they can be shoved off to the side at the end of the day without the muss and fuss.

Or give the board games that have been sitting in your basement new life, and a new place to live, this summer. Keeping them visible will make everyone more likely to play them, and that big empty dining room table is just waiting for a good game night.

Filling the gaps with floral. We are huge proponents of the fresh flower design choice. Flowers make everything feel special, even the most simple of arrangements. It’s especially easy to keep up on these arrangements in the summer with the multitude of fresh flowers available. Put the bouquet in, well, anything: vases, glass bottles, and pitchers!

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Extra seating. When do people impromptu visit the most? During the summer season when people are out and about, or the winter when no one wants to leave the comfort of their home? Obvious. Keep some extra seating around that makes it simple for a dinner guest to squeeze right in for coffee and dessert.

 It’s okay to ignore that summer dining room. (We won’t tell anyone). Summer time is meant to be spent outside because in just a few months, most of us will be wishing we could step outside without a pair of real shoes. So, if you’re eating outside, using your laptop in a lawn chair, or having lunch at a picnic table, don’t worry about it! Thanksgiving (and snow) is right around the corner so that space, and your beautiful dining table, will get a lot of use!


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