Summer Bedroom Refresh

Summer Bedroom Refresh

Summer is all about embracing light, breeziness, and relaxation, so your home should feel the same way. As soon as the sun hits, the fashion changes and home décor does too. How should your bedroom be updated to better suit the warm nights, and early bright mornings of June, July, and August? (If you already own the white Taylor Bedroom Set, you’re ahead of the game).

Think about what you love during the summer. Is it the green grass and trees? The beautiful flowers that bloom? The sunshine and warm weather? All of these summer-y features can be incorporated into your “summer bedroom”.  

Put away all things winter. To us, the final step of “adulting,” is buying, and using, a duvet. Cover your heavy comforter with a light colored duvet and strip the bed of heavy  blankets and swap them out for light colored flat sheets and thin comforters. Store the bulky items in a basket, or in the closet so they’re close at hand for the chilly nights.Summer Bedroom Sheets

While you’re at it, roll up the heavy rugs and replace them with something lightweight, or keep the floors bare. Take down the dark draperies from the windows and open up the windows.

Let the light in. Consider inviting in a color scheme that is brighter than your winter bedroom colors, and possibly floral and light fabrics, both in color and in weight. Pair floral pillows with pale colored throws, hang curtains, throw down a rug, and decorate with accessories that have a crisp, delicate, and lightweight feeling. Add real flowers in a vase, and display mirrors throughout the bedroom to finish off the breezy look.Taylor Bedroom Set

Long-lasting natural light…Create a small sitting area near a bedroom window to enjoy the long summer natural light. Enjoy a comfortable chair, with a book, and a cup of tea or glass of wine, and the summer breeze. 

Or not. Love the summer evening light but still hate the mornings? You can still keep the blackout curtains that keep the light out, but also come in a pale colored fabric so they don’t look dark and heavy in your otherwise summer bedroom. Even better, control when you wake up any time of the year. 

Make flowers not fire. Do you have a fireplace that makes you sweat just looking at it during the summer? Make it a flower place instead of a fire place! When there is just no way you’re going to use it, surround, or fill, it with decorative objects, such as pictures, baskets, vases, and of course, flowers.

Summer Breeze

Float in the pool, float around the bed. Isn’t it such a summer image of light fabrics blowing around in the bedroom, caused by a summer breeze? Use light fabrics around the windows, or French doors for the same effect. Try a canopy, especially in a child’s room, by attaching a canopy addition to the ceiling, and surrounding the bed.  

Bring the outdoors in. Green plants make a room feel fresh and improve air quality. Bring the fragrant and lush plants inside, like ferns, lemon, and jasmine.

We’re loving floral this summer. Whether it be a giant floral print in the wallpaper, or an accent pillow on the bed, floral gives a room color and life. It’s always on trend in the summer because it’s cool and inviting.

Do you do anything to refresh your bedroom, or your home, for the summer season? Let us know in the comments below!


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