How to Style Coffee Table Decor

How to Style Coffee Table Decor

If your home is anything like mine, you have a coffee table in the middle of your living room with the intent of decorating it, but instead all kinds of useless clutter seems to pile up there. Pretty soon it has become more of a storage space rather than a focal point in your room – but that can change! Styling your coffee table decor does not have to be as overwhelming as it may feel.

Consider height and scale.
Arranging a coffee table is a lot like arranging your mantel or a bookshelf. You should have accessories with varying heights and scales throughout. Consider using things like books, small sculptural elements, flowers, and bowls that will make your coffee table interesting to look at. Don’t choose pieces that are all the same height or scale – this will become boring and keep your table from flowing. You can even stack items on top of each other for the same effect.

Fun coffee table decor

Use organic elements.
Things like flowers and herbs can bring a feeling of calmness and a beautiful focal point to your coffee table. Whether you want to go with one big arrangement or multiple small ones, showcasing these kinds of elements is a great way to go. If you do not want to have flowers, you could always use candles for a similar aesthetic.

Modern coffee table decor

Add a tray to the table.
Some people might think that having a tray on a coffee table is redundant, but it actually adds another layer to the table and breaks up the space. It is the perfect way to make the table seem smaller as well. If you choose to place accessories on top of the tray, you can easily move them to the coffee table later on. These days, many people are using upholstered ottomans as coffee tables in their living rooms and trays can be a great way to decorate an uneven surface like that.

coffee table decor

Keep it personal.
Make this space truly yours by adding personal touches that speak to your specific interests and personality. If you make pottery, pick a unique piece or two to display on your table. If you have traveled to somewhere special and brought back a fun souvenir, let that decoration speak for you. Eye-catching accessories that are clearly personal will also be a great talking point when entertaining guests. unique coffee table decor

Don’t let your coffee table become just another place to put your stuff. Add some spice to it today with these quick tips!


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