Storage Wars: Chest or Dresser

Storage Wars: Chest or Dresser

Which Chest is Best?

What is the difference between a nightstand and a chest of drawers? A chest of drawers contains only drawers, and is typically taller than a nightstand/ dresser. A dresser has drawers for storing folded clothing as well, but instead of being tall and slim like a chest, it’s usually short and wide with a mirror attached on top. Both a dresser and a chest of drawers act as surface area for your bedroom. Many people even use their chest or dresser as a place for their TV, DVD player, or other entertainment items.

For a full overview of all our chests, check this link. To see all American Freight nightstands / dressers, check this link. You can see the difference in their size and statures easily when you look at the photos.

When it comes to making the decision, only you know what clothing storage is best for your space. Some people even buy them together so they match. Today’s Tuesday Teaser focuses on one of our top-selling stand alone chests. At $218, can you guess which one it is?

Tuesday Teaser Chatom Chest

This versatile chest has five drawers and comes in a cherry wood finish. With a casual feel, its basic brown look fits in any traditional bedroom or guest bedroom. This piece can work for an adult’s room as well as a kids’ room.  Easy to use and set up, this storage item comes assembled for you and ready for use right away. The silver knobs accent the cherry finish perfectly, and allow you to match with most bedroom looks or guest room designs.

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