Storage Organization Ideas for Your Kitchen

Storage Organization Ideas for Your Kitchen

Ask anyone and the chances are very good that they are currently striving to be more organized. Personally, my main issue is creating, and maintaining, organization in the kitchen specifically. It can get messy and cluttered, and reach that stage of chaos, FAST. It doesn’t take much to make a mess: preparing family meals, packing lunches for school, all of the used utensils and appliances, AS WELL as everything else that somehow ends up on the kitchen counter. (Yesterday, I found a yellow star block, nine loose oranges, and a half deflated beach ball on the kitchen island. How? Why?)

I found several storage organization ideas for the kitchen that are simple, (even if it’s DIY, it’s simple), affordable, and cute!

Utensil Drawer Organization-The Only DIY!

I am aware that utensil organizers for utensil drawers do exist and yet I also acknowledge that they rarely fill the entire drawer, there’s not enough space to insert two, and they slide around. So, time make your own!

This is a popular idea for good reason: the tutorial can be found here:


Baby Bottles, and Other Miscellaneous Items Kids Use All the Time

If children live with you, and eat with you, the amount of items needed for ‘dining’ doubles, triples, etc. Bottles, sippy cups, all of the pieces that come with each individual cup must be easily accessible for outreached arms, or a crying, hungry mouth. Three-tiered wire fruit stands can, well, stand-in as cute storage with good visibility for much needed items. This option doesn’t take up a lot of counter space since the stand is taller than it is wide.

Fruit Basket

On the Inside

If you have thought of this idea before, bravo! I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t seen this idea until now. While I own a few presentable tea towels, most are faded, stained, and ugly which are perfect for cleaning up the constantly occurring messes. But while they’re efficient, they’re not pretty and not to mention I’m always bumping into the knee level towel rack, picking it up off the floor, and hanging it back up. Wow. Who knew this was such a problem?! Problem solved. Use the same over the door racks but hang the non-presentable ones on the inside!

Tea Towels

Over the Sink

Take advantage of the space above the kitchen sink. Hang single baskets on the wall and keep whatever you want in it! Going for convenience? Toss in your dish soap and scrub brush. Going for a look? Take a cue from the image below, and pile up beautiful lemons, or the fruit of your choice.

Kitchen Sink

Don’t Look Under the Kitchen Sink!

I mean, I don’t want to! It’s messy under there! A jumble of cleaning supplies. Trash bags. Extra rolls of paper towels. Etc. etc. etc. But this last idea will help clear the clutter on the bottom: a tension rod! Hang bottles on it. Attach your own hooks and hang whatever you can: sponges, feather dusters, etc. etc. etc.




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