Spring Flowers and Holiday Florals

Spring Flowers and Holiday Florals

Colored Eggs

Who doesn’t like flowers? Even if they make you sneeze there’s no denying they are the best, hands down, décor for the home. And there’s no better time to use them then now: just around the corner from the Easter holiday, and smack in the middle of the spring season! And of course if you’re going for the spring flower home refresh then the rest of your home should be JUST as fresh. Simple, easy, and floral: here we go!

Fresh is best!

Clip some freshly bloomed flowers from your yard to spread around your home. Display small, petite floral bundles in every room. Use traditional vases, but also especially cute is using non-traditional containers, too, like small jars, pretty bowls, and teacups.

Wake Up to Something Smelly (In a Good Way)

FlowersLong before it’s warm enough to sleep with the windows open, bring in the warm weather smells with flowers right next to your bed. Hyacinths have a clean perfume, and lilacs will fill your room with a strong fragrance.

“Springify” Your Accessories

White, pastels, simple, and pretty. Pair your spring home décor with, of course, flowers on a tray or another defined space to keep the décor from looking scattered.

A quick DIY project, if you’re so inclined: paint some wooden candlesticks white, then paint the bottom halves in different soft pastel colors. You can find cheap ones at the thrift store which looks even better if you can find candle holders of various heights and styles.

Hosting Dinner?

Your dining room table is probably all planned out down to the centerpiece already. So if you don’t eat at that particular table every night, go ahead and set it now. It’ll add to your décor and you know it’s going to look beautiful. Tablecloth, special plates and silverware you only get out for special occasions, cloth napkins, and your unique, curated centerpiece or personal touch for Pastel Dosheseach place setting. 

Take it Outside

Go from breakfast/brunch, to an egg hunt, to dinner all in one spot. Set up in your backyard, front yard, garden, wherever you can enjoy the outdoors. Relax, eat, have a few drinks, watch the kids, and even add a blanket and pillows on the ground for a picnic feel. Possible bonus: by keeping everything outside, you don’t have to decorate inside.

Grand Entrance

Front door: big impact. After all, first impressions matter. Place a large planter on the front porch, with a lot of big, brightly colored flowers that are currently in season.


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