Sofa Materials

Which sofa material should I purchase?

Buying a sofa is a big decision. It’s a big investment that will hang around for quite a while. Generally, the size of the couch depends on the room in which it lives. The material is up for discussion. Which sofa material would be best for you? American Freight Reviews will help you weigh the pros and cons of microfiber, bonded leather, and chenille sofa materials.


The reason microfiber is a popular sofa material is that it cleans easily. Anyone with children or clumsy friends will not have to worry. Spills and messes clean up easily. Microfiber couches are also durable, which means that they last a long time and require little maintenance. If prone to allergies, a microfiber couch would be best. They do not collect dust due to their fine fibers. Microfiber couches are prone to static, which is only problematic with pets that shed.

Bonded Leather

An affordable, luxurious sofa material is bonded leather. On average, bonded leather is about two-thirds the cost of genuine leather furniture. If you have your sights set on an expensive leather sofa, consider bonded leather to keep the price point in check. Another benefit of this material is that it recycles leather scraps that would not have been used previously. Bonded leather is available in various colors, allowing you to customize your sofa to your home.


An elegant chenille sofa, a traditional sofa material, is the perfect statement piece for your living room. Chenille is an extravagant material, but not as tough as microfiber. To clean chenille couches, gently use a vacuum with a brush. Rayon is a sturdy material that is blended with chenille in order to make the material longer-lasting. As rayon is weakened by sunlight, consider chenille sofas made of acrylic of olefin fibers in order to resist fading due to the sun. Chenille sofas are soft and comfortable with various patterns and textures. Enjoy the various design possibilities while tailoring your chenille sofa to your home design.


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