Small Living Room Ideas

Small Living Room Ideas

Living Room Decor Ideas: Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

If you’re living in an apartment, shared space, or dorm room, you’re not alone. With America’s home-ownership rate sitting near an all-time low, many of us face the same issue where space is at a premium. If this describes your situation, here are five helfpul design tips. And if you think of this as a design challenge, we promise it will be a lot more fun.

Fill the Room: Statement Furniture

American Freight Statement Sectional SofaChoosing one larger sofa instead of several smaller pieces is key. A statement piece that fills the room gives a sleek look and appears less cluttered.

Protip: Furniture with exposed legs is key. Sofas and loveseats that are raised off the ground give the illusion of extra floor space. The more visible floor space, the better! Avoid sofa skirts, loveseats or boxy chairs that go all the way to the ground.

To see options of qualifying sectionals, loveseats, sofas and recliners, click here



Traffic Flow: Create a Pathway

Clear Pathway for Foot Traffic
Photo by Kari Shea

Traffic isn’t just a band your parents listen to. When it comes to creating the illusion of a larger room, it’s all about creating a sense of movement. Therefore, make sure you and your guests can get from one room to another using a natural path. De-clutter pathways by hanging shelves and hooks instead of coat racks and floor storage.

Protip: Moving furniture away from the wall even just a few inches can make the room feel larger. You can fill the extra space with end tables or floor lighting, or leave it free if space allows.

To see options for end tables, click here. For floor lighting options, please click here.


Lighten Up: White Color Scheme

Living Room with White Color Scheme

This is an age-old illusion when it comes to small living room ideas. Using white and light colors trick our eyes into thinking a space is larger than it actually is.

Protip: Painting baseboards and trim the same color as the walls draw the eyes up and help with this effect. Don’t forget to check with your landlord when painting or changing anything major in your rental.



 Elect to Reflect: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Large Mirror in Living Room
Photo via Popsugar


Decorating with glass and lucite is another age-old illusion. Hanging a mirror across from a window does the trick. Don’t have a window? Place two mirrors across from each other on opposing walls. If this still doesn’t work for your space, a large, free-standing mirror on the ground is a great alternative to make your space feel bigger than it is.

Protip: Mirror strips, or circles, are a modern design trend that create the same illusion. Feel free to repurpose a bedroom mirror in this way as well!  To see mirror options, please click here.





Hide in Plain Sight: Use Multi-purpose and Hidden Storage

American Freight Seal Storage OttomanPlaying tricks on the eye doesn’t end with the wall space! In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Secret storage in coffee tables, ottomans, desks, or sofas can hide remotes, blankets, shoes, or almost anything out of plain view.

Protip: We are obsessed with matching storage ottomans. Don’t have one yet? Read our recent feature on them here to learn more about what you’re missing.


Have small living room ideas of your own to share? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. I’m wanting to paint my room a taupe .and buy tan sofa .what type of end tables or color would you suggest .

    1. Hi Lynn,

      You could take many approaches! Have you checked out our blog on choosing paint colors? Click here to check it out. It has information about three ways to coordinate your colors at home: monochromatic, complimentary, or neutral. Any would work for your situation! Thanks.

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