Tips to Sleep While Traveling This Holiday Season

Tips to Sleep While Traveling This Holiday Season

How to Sleep While Traveling

The holidays are here! For many of us, that means traveling to be with those we love. Friends and family gathering around to exchange well wishes and gifts to celebrate another year. But when we’re away from our routine and our own comfortable beds, it can be tough to fall asleep, stay asleep, and get much needed rest for the high energy holidays. Here are a few simple tips to sleep anywhere while traveling, and do it well.

Sleep While Traveling

Bring a Pillow

Sometimes you just need something familiar. Plus, how firm or soft you prefer your pillow is very personal and subjective. To make sure you’re comfortable, bring along your own pillow from home.

We recently started testing out some new pillows at our Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Delaware, OH, locations. We’ve taken a green initiative to produce less waste in our house mattress production, and are now using memory foam trimmings to make new lines of pillows. These will come from the edges of mattresses that previously would have gone to waste. Stop by and feel how comfortable they are today!

Shut Off to Shut Down

Trouble falling asleep? Turn off all your devices when you lay down! Don’t use bedtime to scroll. If you need to read to fall asleep, bring a book along.

The National Sleep Foundation has shown that we are in the midst of a 50-year decline in sleep duration, and one study found that 90% of Americans use their gadgets within the last hour before bedtime at least a few nights a week. Can you see the direct connection?!

Sleep While Traveling

Peace & Quiet

If you’re sharing a room, bring along headphones and an audio-book or stream some white noise, like ocean sounds. Earplugs can be your best friend. As long as you’re not staring at your screen, and are relaxing with your eyes closed, you’re likely to fall asleep quicker.

If you’re the one hosting, and not doing the visiting, we have some tips for you too. Check out our recent blog, “Holiday Hosting on a Budget” for affordable DIY tips, most of which are low-cost or free using items from around your home.

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