Sit Tight with these Couch Cushion Maintenance Tips

Sit Tight with these Couch Cushion Maintenance Tips

Cushion Control: Living Room Furniture 

When the new year came, chances are that you evaluated your eating habits. You get a hair trim every few months. Each change of seasons, you tend to your garden and pick the weeds on a regular basis. Let’s face it: there’s upkeep in all aspects of our lives when we want things to last. Couch cushion maintenance is no different in your living room!

We may not “have to” do these things, but they offer more longevity when we practice upkeep. Today we’ll be talking about cushion care for getting the most out of your living room furniture, so you can stay sitting pretty for years to come!


First, Focus on the Seat Cushions

Kind of like fluffing your pillow on your bed to keep its shape, you want to fluff your seat cushions for the same reason. Before you begin fluffing, see if you can unzip the cushions.

Some couch cushions come with zippers around them so that you can remove and wash the covers. You should look for the cleaning code on the tag when determining if you can clean them or not. We have talked about cleaning codes in detail on this blog post before, so click here if you need more information.

Lastly, when fluffing, rotating is recommended. If you are able to swap the cushions from the left side to the right side so that they rotate 180*, this will help increase their longevity as well.

Next, Let’s Do the Back Cushions

If your sofa’s back cushions are removable, take them off and fluff them up just like the seat cushions. If they’re zippered, check the cleaning code tags. After you fluff up the cushion material inside, you can pull the corners of the covers into a crisp square shape.

After these few easy steps, you can make your couch cushions feel and look as good as new again. Sit tight when you maintain cushion care, since your living room furniture is going to give you the most bang for your buck!

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