Simple Pleasures for Weekday Mornings

Monday mornings are rough. Tuesday mornings are rough. Wednesday mornings are rough…shall I go on? There are ways (to begin) to love the mornings. It might be a little rough (can you tell it’s Monday morning?), but the simplest and smallest treats can make the mornings not (so) bad.

What’s the worst part of waking up? Probably the actual sound that infiltrates your peaceful sleep. Have you run the gamut of the most annoying alarm sounds from the beep, beep, beep, to an actual ringing sound? Does it make you grumpy? Try switching it to something more peaceful, and nature-esque, and switch out your phone as an alarm? It will help break the habit of checking your email as soon as you wake up. Sometimes it’s not the most positive way to start the day, especially if you can view your work email…Alarm Clock

And then set that alarm earlier than usual. Nothing crazy. Thirty minutes should do it. Then maybe your morning won’t be as hectic, and therefore more peaceful. Use those thirty minutes to use for yourself, whether it’s waking up slowly and luxuriously, instead of hitting the snooze button, or being able to eat breakfast.

Here comes’ the sun…through the window. Push aside the curtains and open the window to let in some fresh air. If the weather is nice enough and the sun is warm, step outside for a bit to listen to the morning sounds, or sit and enjoy the first cup of coffee.

Eat the breakfast that makes you feel the best. If it’s juice, squeeze out something fresh. If it’s oatmeal, mix in some fruit, granola, or syrup of your choice. Warm up a yummy pastry in the oven. It’s sometimes the little things that can make a morning special.


Get something done that you normally leave until after work, or the evening. Start the laundry. Prep for dinner. Pick up around the house. Then you’ll find that you have a more relaxed evening, with more time to do what you want.

Dabble in something you love that you didn’t get to do the day before. Whether it’s reading a few pages of the book sitting on your nightstand, writing in a journal, or listening to a short podcast that you missed.

When you REALLY become a morning person, you may want to incorporate some light exercise, or stretching before you start the day. Do something that you can do fast: a quick jog through the neighborhood, a stationary bike ride in the basement, or some stretching in the living room.


And then, treat yourself. Give yourself something to look forward to on the weekdays. Just because it’s Monday, (or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or…) doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good time and all the fun must be saved for the weekend.

Let us know how you start the weekday mornings in the comments below!


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