Sectionals vs. Sofas (plus a loveseat)

When it comes to buying a gorgeous new piece of comfortable furniture you can’t lose. There are some factors as to which type of couch is best for you, your home and your lifestyle. The big question: Sectional or Sofa? American Freight reviews sectionals, sofas, (and loveseats) from manufacturers who have a surplus of supply due to closeouts, buyouts, cancelled orders, overruns, and unclaimed freights.


The misconception about sectionals is that one must have a big space for such a large piece of furniture. Actually, sectionals come in different sizes, and usually fulfill all of your seating needs, it’s just about finding the perfect fit. In a small room, a sectional is just one piece with a lot of seating and a room may appear more cluttered with a multiple pieces of furniture. If a room is used mainly for watching television, a sectional with a chaise, like the Jefferson Chocolate 2 Piece Sectional Sofa, means being able to lounge without having to twist your neck.


Sectionals are great for relaxing with family, but for guests, separate seating may work better for visiting. A Sectionals or Sofas?purchase of a small sofa may also require a purchase of another sofa, or a couple of chairs, or an ottoman. This type of conversational layout would work best in a room where you entertain as opposed to a family room, where a sectional may work best. Afraid you’ll lose the lounging aspect of a sectional? How about a sofa that reclines?

So, basically it all narrows down to the type of home you have and what you want to do in it. Our solution: if you have the rooms for it, put a sectional in one space, and furnish another room with a sofa and a loveseat. Comfortable and cozy without being too close.

Need more visuals or measurements for your living room plans? American Freight has a wide selection of sectionals and sofas that you can view here.


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