Seasonal Settings and Centerpieces for your Dining Room Table

As spring arrives, so do opportunities for a fresh start with home décor, and there’s no easier or more effective place to usher in a new seasonal style than in the dining room. With new settings and centerpieces that reflect the spirit of spring and summer, your dining room will be ready to host an Easter dinner, a Mother’s Day brunch, a summer cookout, and more. Check out the seasonal settings and centerpieces that have us excited for the upcoming seasons, below!

1.)    American Freight centerpiece inspirationThere’s a lot to love about this Easter table setting. We admire the combination of both candles and fresh flowers as main table adornments, as they contribute an important element of variety. We also love the use of all-white porcelain plates, which is an appropriate color for the season. The setting’s light green napkins are another smart color choice since green symbolizes nature and growth; these green napkins will also be appropriate for use throughout the duration of spring and summer. And did you notice this Easter setting’s rabbit ear napkin holders? Such a fun and thoughtful touch!

2.)    Adorning your dining table with a seasonally festive look doesn’t mean you have to purchase new dinnerware. Find simple ways to decorate your dining room table for spring and summer with DIY centerpieces, such as mason jars filled with freshly sliced lemons, or oranges, and flowers from the yard, as seen in our second inspiration photo. Inexpensive and sure to American Freight flower centerpiece idealeave your dining room smelling delicious, these centerpieces can also be paired with equally easy DIY napkin holders. Cut a short rose, tulip, or flower of your choice and tie the stem around silverware with a matching piece of ribbon.

3.)    Transform your dining room into a seascape with a table centerpiece similar to that featured in our third inspiration photo, which pairs light blue candles, starfish and a table runner with a collection of smaller, neutral-toned seashells that rest beneath. All of these items can easily be found at local craft stores, or can be selected by hand while on your summer seaside vacation!

4.)   American Freight summer table decoration For those preparing to host an outdoor dining event, our fourth setting and centerpiece inspiration is a great example of an effortless, natural presentation. For outdoor dining, it’s particularly important to focus on easy set-up and take-down, and a colorful bouquet of fresh flowers with something inexpensive and durable like a burlap table runner is really all it takes. We also like how this table setting uses wooden pallets, rather than ceramic or porcelain dishes, as such minimizes the risk of damaging valuable dinnerware.

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