"Scaling" the Interior Design Mountain

"Scaling" the Interior Design Mountain

If there is one struggle of decorating it’s creating the right design scale so the furnishings look like they should be in the same space and the decor flows smoothly. There doesn’t have to be a struggle…simple tips for keeping a room in proportion are below!

Scale Correct

For an interior that is scaled perfectly we must take into consideration furniture, wall art, and living room accessories like table sets, lamps, and area rugs. Scale not only creates harmony and smart composition in a room but it’s also incredibly important when creating effective layering. So break out your tape measure, and maybe a calculator, because widths, heights, and weights DO matter.

Blank Space. A huge blank wall can either be a source of excitement or anxiety. You can go one of two ways: hang many different pieces for a gallery wall, or hang a huge statement piece which covers the majority of the white space. It will always depend on the style and the size of the furniture that furnish the space. 

  • Do you prefer the look of a huge statement piece that takes up the entire wall? Okay, then. Keep the wall art simple and neutral so it doesn’t take away from the rest of the room but fills in the wall space.Pueblo Chocolate 2 PC. Sectional Sofa
  • Leave a wall border around the framed wall décor and pay attention to the height of the wall. Tall ceilings need tall art, and low, long walls needs wall art that are long in length.


Sectionals for Small Spaces. Oh, oh, oh! We can help with this! Does your small space call for a small sofa? American Freight has an entire selection of them! (Take a look here, and buy one at your local store). If you decide on a smaller sectional, make sure the surrounding pieces are also in that size group. (Oh, oh, oh, we have compact sized table sets that are perfectly sized for a small sofa). 

Townhouse 3 Piece Table Set

  • Make sure your space doesn’t feel cramped! Choose a sectional that takes up a small amount of floor space, doesn’t block other room fixtures like a fireplace, or spill over into the kitchen area. A great style for this size is industrial as these pieces are usually made with glass and metal in thinner shapes and proportions.
  • A small sectional pairs perfectly with a small framed arm chair in order to provide more seating, and to pull the eye away from larger pieces like the sofa.


Coffee is Important…(and so is the table named after it). Basically, the coffee table and end tables should be the opposite “weight” than your seating. For example, if you have placed a heavy-duty sofa set in the living room then find an opposite styled table set. Do you have a dark colored upholstered sofa? Then choose a table with a glass table top, or an unique shape: oval, round, or angled to keep the room fresh.  

  • Make sure your coffee table is available for functionality. The best way to ensure the table is the right height is that it’s not a chore to set your drink on while sitting on the furniture surrounding the table. Also, make sure the coffee table is large enough that everyone can use it. If it’s not, provide other table surfaces to use around the room.


The Right Light. First, why do you need lamp light? To read, work, or pay bills? To light up an entire room? To light a certain area like the entryway?

Dunbrook Steel 3 Lamp Multi-Pack

  • Entryway: Place a small table against the wall with an attractive table lamp on top of it that isn’t too bright but lights the way into the rest of the house.
  • Bedside: Height and coordination. The chosen lamps should add height to the landscape Timber Creek Full/Queen Bedroom Setand feature a lampshade that illuminates soft and gentle light. The base should be small enough that you can use the top of the nightstand for a clock, book, and whatever else you need during your sleep time.

The Bed Headboard. If you need just ONE more reason to purchase a bed with a headboard, let us give you this reason: most likely, when you have a headboard you will not have to think about decorating the blank wall behind the bed! That’s one less wall to decorate! As usual, decide on the style of your bedroom and go from there regarding the headboard.

  • Looking for a style statement in the bedroom? Go for an upholstered headboard as well as one with accent trims like nail-head details, or piping on the border.