Sawbuck Style Farmhouse Dining Set

Sawbuck Style Farmhouse Dining Set

The Brayden 7 Piece Dining Set

The Brayden dinette defines your space and sets the tone that your kitchen is both comfortable and connected to the outdoors.  The first element you notice is a rectangular sawbuck style table. It comes with a contrasting, two-tone black base and a tan colored pine veneer table top. Six black slat back chairs round out the set, all upholstered in a soft cream color fabric.

Brayden sawbuck style table

We especially love the rustic sawbuck style table that anchors this gorgeous two-tone 7 piece dining set. Click here to go to the Brayden product page.

Sawbuck Style: X Marks the Spot

The Brayden 7 piece dining set features a sawbuck style table. What does that mean exactly?

A sawbuck is a device for holding wood so that it may be cut into pieces. It consists of an “X” form at each end, joined by cross bars below the X’s. Wood that needs to be cut sits in the X’s like braces and is able to be cut in the middle.

sawbuck style: how to build a sawbuck wikihow
Photo by wikihow

If you were to flip this upside down, it would look just like the Brayden table legs! The Brayden emulates the rustic, outdoors-y style but uses quality building materials to do so.

Home Trends: Modern Farmhouse

One home trend that’s really popular right now is “modern farmhouse.” According to The Spruce, its old school cousin, “classic farmhouse is all about mixing comfortable furniture with salvaged materials like reclaimed wood.”

The more current styling is modern farmhouse. Modern farmhouse takes that same look, but uses new materials that are sure to last. Think brand new wood that’s been distressed for a vintage appearance. Modern farmhouse also loves a mixture of textures, neutral colors, and fabrics. You won’t see bright colors or bold patterns in a modern farmhouse setting. Think muted tones, natural styles, and comfortable casual. Check out this recent post on a modern farmhouse bedroom set.

Bigger Bang for Your Sawbuck

We’ve shopped around, and can’t find a better deal! We have the Brayden sawbuck style table set for just $598. We ship direct from the manufacturer to warehouse style stores to save you money. Why spend more when you can get it for less at American Freight?

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