Sample This: Do You Like What You See?

Sample This: Do You Like What You See?

Ample Samples: What Do You Think?

Our purchasing team at American Freight has one main goal: acquire affordable, name brand furniture and mattresses for our customers. Frequently, manufacturers come to us with furniture samples in hopes we will sell their products in our 150 stores across the country. After 25 years in business, we like to think our purchasing team knows our customers pretty well. But, we can always improve your experience by offering more product diversity, and therefore providing more customer satisfaction. The best way to do that is usually simple: we ask you!

Sample Sofa

About once a month, we post photos of furniture samples on our Facebook page to get your feedback. We want to know your honest opinion. Would you want to own this sofa? Do you love the bed we shared? Is the price reasonable? Have you been searching for a particular piece of furniture, but cannot find it affordably? Let us know in the comments of sample photos! We want you to love your home and everything in it, without going bankrupt. Help us, help you, simply by offering your opinion. Who knows, it could be your voice that stands out to help make purchasing decisions.

Stay tuned on our Facebook page to see what kind of samples we’re considering.  Click the photos below to head to our Facebook page and leave comments on these current sofa and loveseat samples. Let us know what you think!

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