Refresh Your Living Room, Simply, for the Holidays

Are you entertaining this holiday season and your main living space needs some freshening up? The living room is where you, your friends, and family will probably be spending the most time. Here are some ways to revamp your space for the holiday celebrations, and then if you like it, it’s a new start for the New Year, too!

  • This may be difficult, but imagine your room EMPTY. No furniture, nothing on the walls, or the floor. Do any spaces in the room seem better without something there? If so, make that area bare. We want to keep to a realistic budget, too, so removing is more cost-efficient than adding. Even just moving some pieces to another room for a few days will refresh the room, and if you really don’t miss it after the holiday season, sell it or give it away.
  • Have a focal point. Is there a mantel in the room? A mantle is a nice focal point, as it usually sticks out in a room, but also can be used for decorating. There might be something else that you would like for everyone to immediately see when they walk into the room, like a piece of art, a big window, or a beautiful sofa. Remove anything on or around the focal point that would take away from it. Basically, de-clutter.
  • Take some pictures to get the flow right. Some rooms are made for furniture, and other rooms have odd corners, short walls, and floor to ceiling windows. If you have always had trouble with the flow of furniture, take some pictures from the doorway. It can lend an objective view, and maybe you will finally be able to figure out the problem of flow throughout the space.
  • Look for color. What do you think about the color in the room, when you look at the pictures you took? Too many colors? All neutrals? If you think there are too many colors, subtract some throw pillows, or colorful vases. If you decide you don’t have enough, add some color details like a throw blanket over the couch, or some pretty candles on the side tables.
  • Symmetry! Symmetry is pleasing to the eye. If you don’t have any symmetry in the room, try and add a pair of matching lamps, or different art, in identical frames, hanging on the wall.
  • Light (not so quite) Bright. Use low-watt lights. It creates a more flattering light than bright light. Mix up the types of lights used in a room. Use all of the following: table lamps, floor lamps candles, or the dimmer on a overhead light. This set-up will create any type of lighting that you want, or need.
  • It’s all in the details. Display side and end tables with stacks of books and vases of flowers for a homey feel, or create a coffee and tea set, or a bar set. This will instantly make the room feel like it was meant for entertaining. 

When your home is filling up this time of year, with decorations, and gifts, and food, and people, it may be nice to be able to refresh, and remove, for a comfortable, more minimalist, and relaxing vibe. These very simple tips, can change up a room for a short term or long term look.

 What easy tricks work for you that instantly refresh a room?


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