Protect Your Mattress and Know Your Warranty

Protect Your Mattress and Know Your Warranty

Guardian Fabric Protection Plan

American Freight’s Guardian Fabric Protection Plans are a smart purchase, along with your upholstered furniture!

What is it exactly?

Guardian C6 Water Based Fabric Protector creates a water repellant material in only 45 minutes. And don’t worry about a thing…we’ll take care of the application of Fabric Protector!

Not sure of the benefits?  See ALL of them listed below!

  • The customer may call Guardian Customer Service within 30 DAYS, if any of these stains or damages occur:

Includes coverage for these types of mishaps, below:

  • Food or beverage stainsSpill
  • Human, or pet bodily fluids stains
  • Grass, shoe polish, or grease stains
  • Ballpoint pen ink, crayon, or cosmetics stains
  • Nail polish stains
  • A representative will assist them with their protection plan coverage.
  • Coverage may include professional cleaning or repair of the covered item.
  • If the covered item cannot be cleaned or repaired, Guardian will replace it.

Other added benefits: Eco-friendly, which makes it perfect for a household with pets and kids. Fun fact: Disney World uses the exact same product on all of their fabric and upholstery!

  • Water Based
  • No Bleach
  • No Harsh Solvents
  • Low VOC

Up to $900 dollars of purchased items gets you the Guardian Value One Fabric Protection Plan, with a 5 year warranty, for ONLY $100! This covers every this covers everything:

  • Everything mentioned above as well as,
    • Rips, cuts, burns, or punctures
    • Mattress Protector

      Liquid rings, gouge marks, and heat marks

    • Breakage of the wood frame
    • Glass or mirror breakage

Dream Guard Mattress Protector 

A mattress is a significant purchase so, of course, you want to protect it. Did you know that American Freight Furniture and Mattress carries mattress protectors? Now you do!

The benefits of the Dream Guard mattress protectors is that they are waterproof, just in case of any accidental spills. They also protect against those pesky dust mites. Are you worrying about comfort?

These breathable fabric mattress protectors are a soft touch fleece so they’ll only contribute to your sleeping comfort.

The Queen Mattress Protector $69.99 for a 10 year protection!


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