Perfectly "Effortless" Style

Perfectly "Effortless" Style

Distressed WoodEffortless style. If you find beauty in life’s flaws then this home design style will fit you perfectly. The beauty is found unconventionally in the mistakes, or purposefully distressed design tropes.

Throwing something together in an “unorganized” way can either work, or not. When it works, it can be effortlessly chic. But when there’s something that is effortless you should know there’s an immense amount of effort that DID make it happen.

So, how do you pull off the shabby gorgeousness of the beauty found in imperfections? Where to begin?


Antiques, or objects, that have a little age on them, but are in good condition, make for a cool shabby chic look. Start an Soprano Ebony Sofa and Loveseatauthentic collection that you like to look at and has a charm that personifies warmth, color, and personality. 

Layer it with meaning.

You know the expression “organized chaos”? Begin with this idea but in a more refined way. Display your possessions that contain a little history and expresses your personality and layer them around your home while mixing up texture, materials, colors and scale. Think of your objects as gathering memories and thoughts.

Randomness…it’s a good thing!
Randomness can be achieved as easily as hanging up a blackboard in the kitchen or hallway and letting guests chalk away to their heart’s content. It’s a creative mess, (in the best possible way)!

If bookshelves present themselves as just TOO tidy, scatter books around your home in a more random
manner: on the coffee tables, a shelf in the bathroom, various places in the dining room, cookbooks in the kitchen. Books displayed in this way make it more welcoming for people to actually pick them up to browse.  

“Damaged”? Distressed? No need to shy away!  Amelia 5 Piece Dining Set
‘Perfectly’ distressed furniture and accessories can be layered in an intriguing way that will bring comfort and luxury unexpectedly.

Does this style fit you? Is it something that you would like to try in your home? Let us know in the comments below!


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