Pastels in the Winter?! Yeah, Baby (Blue)!

Pastels in the Winter?! Yeah, Baby (Blue)!

Soft pinks, greens, purples, and blues!

It’s no secret that we love neutrals: they’re classic colors and typically, neutrals look good with everything. In the winter season, we especially gravitate toward the hibernation colors: grays, blacks, and whites. Pastels hues are commonly associated with spring and summer, but this winter pastels are making an appearance.  And why not? We need something to cheer us up! Bring on the (pastel) color!

The Wall

Consider our go-to decorating suggestion, (other than furniture). Pastel paint works on walls because it adds color without overwhelming the rest of the space.


Whether novelty accessories like bookends, or one kitchen accessory like a standing mixture, pick them up in trendy pastel shades and you’ll immediately be adding style in small doses.

The Bedroom

Decade Aqua 2 PC. Sectional SofaIf you can’t find pastel colored bedroom sets, make the bed with pastels. Sheets, throw pillows, and comforters can bring that pastel hued luxury to the coziest place in your home.


Make a statement with pastel colored furniture from a sofa set, to an accent chair, to even a child’s bedroom set.

Art (in Pastel)Young Parisian Bed with Bench and 2 Ottomans

Small pastel statements work, too: Instead of painting four walls in a pastel color, frame pastel colored art and decorate your home with as much, or as little, as you want.

Pastel Muppet Fur and Color-Blocking

Faux fur is always fun especially when it’s dyed in pastel colors. Faux fur comes in a variety of removable accessories like rug, blankets, and throw pillows. Color-blocking is a “safe” way to incorporate pastels right next to its most muted, neutral color relatives.