Achieve the Light & Bright Bedroom Look With the Washington

August 30, 2019
Choose a light and bright bedroom set that works with any color palette your heart desires. Because let’s be honest, you’ll probably get the urge to change your duvet cover, drapes, and decorations a few times while you own your bedroom set. The Washington Bedroom Collection from American Freight offers the versatility you’re looking for
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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Living Room Tables

August 27, 2019
Have you ever considered how your living room tables impact the design and functionality of the room? Whether they are tall and simple or short and bold, your side tables and coffee tables offer visual appeal to your living room. But what if your tables don’t inspire you like they used to? Or, is it
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Living Room Comfort Has Never Looked This Good

August 23, 2019
You deserve a living room packed with beautiful furniture. But what if your gorgeous furniture is super uncomfortable? Don’t compromise comfiness for beauty. The Nova Stone Sofa and Loveseat from American Freight Furniture and Mattress offers plush oversized seating in a modern design. The California-style seating is incredibly cozy. From the ultra-soft burlap style upholstery
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You’ll Be Obsessed With This Industrial Bedroom Collection

August 16, 2019
Are you inspired by wood and industrial textures? If so, we think you’re going to love the Easton Bedroom Collection from American Freight. This bed set offers a multitoned wood finish like a beautiful log cabin. Yet, the dark wood accents bordering the sides of the dresser, nightstand, and chest of drawers add a wrought
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6 Reasons to Give a Foam Mattress a Chance

August 13, 2019
The future is foam! At least, it may seem like every mattress advertisement you see talks about a foam mattress. Maybe you’re hesitant to try one out because you’ve heard horror stories about how hot they are? Or, perhaps you’re perfectly content with your traditional spring mattress, so why change? In this post, we’re going
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