New Year's Resolution : De-clutter to De-stress

New Year's Resolution : De-clutter to De-stress

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First step: acknowledging that you ARE making a new year’s resolution. Second step: acknowledging that, perhaps, you can start by getting rid of things you already have that you never use to make room for something new. Third step: baby steps to resolution completion.

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If your resolution is de-cluttering your home, or you just looked around and realized that it needed to be done, let us help you with the baby steps. First, take a deep breath.

Here. We. Go.

  • Do you live with other people? Most likely, their things are the problem, right? But resist the urge to purge and mess with their clutter. Start with your own things and maybe the cleaning will rub off on everyone else.
  • Clean the junk in the drawer. Not only is it confusing to try and find something that you need, and of course messy, 95% of a junk drawer should have been thrown out at the beginning. Toss broken things, old instruction pamphlets, and rubber coasters. Sort the items that you actually look for and use, like batteries and pens, into a separate container so they’re easy to find.
  • Start giving…one thing at a time. It may be hard but start a pile to donate and add one each week, or if you’re ambitious, one a week. Put the bag somewhere you don’t see it every day, in the back of the car, maybe, so you’re not tempted to take out of it.
  • Find a REAL place for everything that you walk through the door with, instead of dropping it on the floor. Hang up coats immediately, find a hook for the keys, and drop junk mail into the recycling bin.
  • Limit your kitchen appliances to the ones that you actually use to the counter. Make toast and coffee every morning? Leave the toaster and coffee maker out on the counter. Lastly, f you only make blender smoothies once a week, store the blender underneath the counter.
  • Keep your kitchen or dining room table set. When a table has a purpose, there’s no room for clutter. Spread a table cloth, set out some placemats, and put some flowers in a vase in the middle.
  • Declutter the bedroom. In order to make your bedroom your oasis, declutter, declutter, declutter. Find a little nightstand that can’t fit clutter. One book, a lamp, and room for a glass of water.

Do you make new year’s resolutions? What do you think about our de-cluttering resolution tips? Let us know in the comments section!


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