New Home Decor for May!


May tends to be a transitional month between the spring and the summer seasons. It also tends to be the perfect time to update and freshen up your home so it reflects the seasonal changes (sun and warm temperatures, fingers crossed) that the weather brings. Dedicate the month of May to a big ole, affordable spruce-up for your home. After all, your home does a lot for you: it keeps the rain off your head, provides shade from the sun, and gives you a place to come back to after a hard day.

Give back to your home by creating the best possible dwelling that your space and finances will allow to happen.

Move it out. Redoing the layout of your furniture and décor is the most obvious design trick that can make a room look completely different. Opening up a different entryway, and maybe closing one up, into the room makes a huge difference about how the room looks. Even moving art decorations and photos from one wall to another can make an impact.

Introduce a different look to your storage. Every room has shelves of some sort where all of your cutesy belongings can live. Paint the shelves an accent color, or line the backs of bookcases with patterned, colorful wallpaper to give a surprise pop of design. 

Twinkle, twinkle. Wrap your interior with twinkle lights: across the ceiling, around any exposed beams, or in a clear vase, combined with other elements to create a beautiful centerpiece. Twinkle twinkle

Plain, plain go away. Upgrade the plain to something exciting and decorative especially when it comes to first impressions, like front doors or shower curtains. Let your entrance make an entrance!  

Don’t be shy…display what you love! Create a point of interest on a mantel, shelf or wall by showcasing similar items together. Whether you want to fashion a vignette with your favorite vases or show off your prized Pez collection, the arrangement is sure to attract the eye and lend plenty of personality to your space.

A room with a rug. Nothing warms up a room like a rug. Not only for the insulation that it provides, especially on an uncarpeted floor, but with some colors, personality, and texture.

Get a trim. Identify trim around the floorboards, the crown moldings, and around the door frames. Pick and paint with an accent color and pick a color that accentuates the style you’re going for: a dark moody tone like black or gray for a classic and sophisticated design, or pick a more energizing shade for personality and cheerfulness!

What are your May home design plans? May flowers? Color? Rugs? Paint? Shelves? Let us know what you’re thinking for this month in the comments!



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