Need to Relax? You Need a Nook!

Need to Relax? You Need a Nook!

Book Nook

We want cozy and we want it now! Mornings are hectic, days are busy, and the evenings are go-go-go. It’s important to have a space to kick up your feet, lean back, and relax: read a book, listen to music, or catch up on a magazine with your favorite beverage. The space can be small. In fact, the smaller the cozier is our mantra. And after a day filled with noise, voices, and background sounds a few (or many) moments of peace and calm is priceless. Create the best space to really refill the relaxation tank! But don’t work too hard…it’s time for cruise control.

Don’t Be Left in the Dark

When choosing a light for a space like this, choose wisely. Floor or table lamps, or even the very trendy pendants can be found in cute designs. The trouble can be trying to find the right kind of task lighting. Too much light: your eyes will be very angry at you. And let’s face it, bright, bright light is NOT cozy.


Think about LED lighting: it’s highly efficient as it uses less energy and lasts longer. Since LEDs are small and directional they are especially perfect for task lighting: aka, perfect for a reading nook. Also, LEDs emit little heat so no burned finger moments!

Your Ideal Spot 

All you need is books…and a (nook) corner. This nook can be formed in any room: bedroom, home office, living room, or kitchen. The main point is to make sure the nook’s style can blend with the existing room’s style and fit in with the floor arrangement. Take into consideration the kind of privacy you want and the ideal noise volume. This can determine where the best place is for your alone time.

Seat Yourself

Preferably on a piece of furniture that is not only comfortable but it is something that you adore! The most obvious choices are an accent chair or recliner. And these options work wonderfully. But if your home happens to include a window seat, a secluded spot in the attic, or just a random little cut-out in a hallway, take advantage of it! Throw down pillows, blankets, a small table, cozy light, bookshelves, and you’ve got it made.

How to Make Your “Storage” Look Cute

Storage? Shelves? Bookcases? Okay, how big does this “nook” need to be?! It all depends on space and your collection, of course! Don’t try to cram too much into this space; play off the aesthetic and size that is already provided. Choose floating shelves for storage that won’t take any precious floor space, or one or more standalone bookcases. If your books out-stack the space, keep your books elsewhere and keep the ones you’re currently reading in the newly created nook, and furnish it with other décor that makes you have the same fuzzy feelings.  

Make Room for a Drink

Everyone has their beverage of choice for their relaxation time: a glass of wine, a cup of tea, or a mug of hot chocolate with miniRoma 3 Piece Table Set marshmallows. But there needs to be a surface where the drink can rest, too. It’s only convenient! And that’s what the nook is all about: simplicity and ease. Add a small table next to your new favorite chair.



Give the Nook a Little Extra YOU!

This spot is yours. It needs to look like you love it! Hang wall art, family photos, and other inspiration that you love. Are you a good plant parent? Add some pots of plants on the window still, or on a little garden stand. Choose a small rug that appeals to your personality and adds to the coziness of your book nook design.


Book Nook


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