In Pursuit of Natural Lighting| Realtors Corner

In Pursuit of Natural Lighting| Realtors Corner

Why We Care about Natural Lighting

Not too long ago, we talked in detail about how lighting is key for mood on this blog post. Lighting is key for mood, whether you’re looking to boost the energy of the room, or wind down from a long day. One of the biggest factors people look for when buying a new home is natural lighting.

In this 2015 study by Origin, a doors and windows company, natural lighting was among an open floor plan and downstairs bathroom for top sought features.  This is because a well-lit room makes it feel bigger, and the light can be great for health as well. natural lighting study findings

Study Results Courtesy of Origin

Naturally Bigger

Natural light makes the home brighter and gives the feeling of more space. This has to do with the way we perceive contrast. It’s true that if you have dark carpets and light wallpaper, the same space will feel smaller than if you had light floors and light walls. By increasing the amount of light in a room, you can make it feel larger than it really is.

If you’re selling on the commercial side, experts warn against spilling too much light into a room if you want to get anything done. While sunshine does improve mood and alertness, if this is for an office setting, too much light can bring distractions. Blue skies and sunshine can distract workers who would rather be outside. So, consider this depending on what type of property you’re working on.

Shine On

Glossy floors and shiny surfaces reflect light and make space feel even brighter. Kitchens and bathrooms are great places to employ this. Accessories can offer this same effect. Try mirrors or mirrored accessories, metallics, or glass for this shiny bonus light.

Floor to Ceiling

As mentioned earlier, the less contrast the better for a room that feels bright. Carpet should be neutral or light, with walls in the same category. Statement wallpaper or dark colors have to go! Alternatively, stark plain white can make the room feel sterile and cold, so choose light neutrals in off-whites or softer shades.

A fun trick is to paint the ceiling a few shades lighter than the walls to create the illusion of height and space. If you’re considering painting walls, click here for tips on choosing your paint color. As we just discussed above, always go for paint with a satin finish, instead of matte, for a reflective, shiny topcoat.




Natural Lighting Through Windows
Photo by Toa Heftiba

Mind the Trees

With all the focus inside your home or sale property, don’t forget about the outdoor impact of lighting. Trimming trees and bushes will spruce up your property, likely making it easier to sell. Landscaping can be challenging, so check your local library for resources if you are new to it.  If you’re interested in learning more about this, click here to read about “Cheap and Free DIY Projects That Add Value to Your Home.”

Staging Your Home

If you decide to stage your home, you’re in luck! Click here to read a detailed guide full of staging tips. It can be overwhelming, but by using affordable furniture, you can re-purpose it time and time again.

Window Shopping

The obvious way to dad more natural light into your home or sale property is by installing more windows. Large doors can do the trick too, with glass windows built in. This requires a higher budget than many people can afford, but if you are able to do this, it will really help your natural lighting.

French doors with glass windows are a great way to carry light through an area that gets a lot of natural light, to one that doesn’t. So, if your living room gets a lot of sun through the windows, but your attached office is dismal and dark, consider putting in French glass doors between the two spaces.

Bi-folding glass doors are a perfect solution to replace an entire outward facing wall of your home.

natural lighting bi fold doors
Bi Fold Doors with Glass Panels Replace a Wall of This Home

Skylights’ The Limit

One fun variation of a window is a style for your ceiling, called a skylight. Installing skylights brings natural lighting into spaces that don’t get much light otherwise. Additionally, they’re perfect for relaxing under the night sky, with a nice view of the stars.

Tear Down the Walls

Another, maybe obvious way, to let more natural lighting in your place is to tear down unnecessary walls or barriers. If they’re blocking light from entering your living room or den, knock them down!

We hope this post helped you find more ways to let natural lighting into your property. Whether you’re selling a home or a business space, natural light is crucial. If you’d like to see more tips and tricks such as this post, sign up to receive a weekly blog email by clicking here.

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